Quebec Student Leader Jailed Indefinitely for Protesting

Canada: The student's lawyer believes the judge is trying to make an example out of him in an effort to discourage student protests.
A student leader from the University of Quebec at Montreal was jailed indefinitely, pending his trial, in what the student's lawyer is calling a “political judgment.”
Hamza Baboz, an undergraduate student involved with his university's ongoing student strike, is facing 14 counts of assault, armed assault, mischief, stalking, uttering threats and unlawful assembly, according to Ricochet Media.
The charges stem from a stand off on April 15, between university security personnel and students. The students were trying to enforce a strike mandate issued in a democratic assembly held by the student body to protest government cuts to education and social programs.
The most serious charge of armed assault, is based on Baboz's alleged use of “silly string” against a security official, who did not report an injury

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