Headline April 27, 2015/ ''' THE TECHNOLOGICAL RACE '''


SO, IBM VENTURE IN CHINA draws critics in the U.S. And people do feel angry about what appears to be an accommodation with the Chinese, writes a distinguished author.

IN a speech in September at the  China Internet Security Conference in Beijing, Mr.Shen said:

Expansion of the United States military's online attack and defence capabilities made the Internet the fifth strategic front for the United States, after-  Land, Air, Ocean and Space.

He added according to the state-run media:

''That poses a severe challenge to the  cybersecurity of China, and we should actively respond, accelerate the building of our cybersecure system and safeguard our cyber security and state sovereignty.''

Critics say  IBM  is caving in to Chinese demands, placing short-term business gains ahead of longer-term political and trade issues.

Its actions may spur other American companies to break ranks and also submit to the new Chinese regulations,  out of concern that IBM will get advantages by cooperating with the country.

''People do feel angry about what appears to be an accommodation with the Chinese,'' said James A.Lewis, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

''And you have to kind of expect that, particularly at a time when you have the whole U.S. ginned up to push the Chinese on this.''

IBM said it was simply being open with licensing technologies as part of global program called Open Power.

Open Power, which IBM began in 2013, has 120 members worldwide, including Google and Samsung Electronics. Fewer than 20 are from China, IBM said. 

The point of the program is to provide base technology that can be enhanced by licensees worldwide and spur global partnerships and business opportunities, the company added.

''Our Open Power partners in China are getting access to the same technology that we make available to all  Open Power members around the world,'' Edward Barbini,  a spokesman, wrote in an email.

''We've been very transparent with all our stakeholders on this strategy, including the Chinese administration, about our plans to expand both the Open Power community and IBM's Technology partnerships around the world.''

In a recent interview posted on Teamsun's website, Huang Hua, a vice president, said the company's new capabilities would help it better address security concerns of local Chinese companies.

Calling a movement in China to replace crucial high-end technology from IBM, Oracle and EMC an  ''opportunity,''   Mr. Huang said Teamsun's strategy to  ''absorb and then innovate''  would enable it to eliminate the capability gap between- 

Chinese and American and create products that could replace those sold by companies in the United States.

Language about replacing IBM, Oracle and EMC was removed from the site after Teamsun and IBM were contacted by the author. Teamsun declined to be interviewed about the IBM project.

IBM declined to comment on Mr.Shen because he is not an IBM employee. A spokesman with the United States Trade Representative declined to comment on IBM strategy in China.

Analysts expect many banks in China will soon switch from IBM servers that run the UNIX operating system to servers using LINUX. And analysts say, Open Power goal in the country is to help keep a part of that business.

Clyde V. Prestowitz, a senior Commerce Department official in the Regan administration, said IBM's approach to China is reminiscent of what the company did in Japan decades ago. 

He said tech transfers to Japanese companies had helped them catch up to the United States.  

''IBM was arrogant in saying, 'We'll give them some tech and then innovate faster than them,' and that wasn't the case,'' he said.

For Mr.Shen, Chinese made products built atop IBM technology to be sold worldwide would be a small victory for China in a technological  race with the United States-

That he sometimes characterizes in military terms.

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