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PAKISTAN    -the present hosts of !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless boasts:

30 Million Internet Users, 15 Million smartphone users and around 12.8 active, monthly  Facebook  users,  more than half of which are active via a mobile device.

Even the  -Pakistani house-hunters have now embraced mobile Internet over traditional offline methods for finding their ideal home. This can be attributed to the growing number of  3G   and   4G  users across the country. 

According to  global search engine  giant, Google:

2014 was the year of mobile Internet and this trend is expected to continue and even rise. As a result more and more students are turning to mobile tools such as smartphone apps to search just about everything'.

AND in Spain Intel Corporation announced a series of mobile platforms , including the company's new low-cost system-on-chip  {SoC}  for phones, phablets and tablets, a global LTE solution-

Innovative personal computing experience and a range of customers for mobile device and network infrastructure offerings.

With technologies that span silicon, software and security,  Intel was one of the few companies able to deliver solutions  end-to-end  for devices, the network and cloud.

Intel Atom x3 processor series,  Intel's first integrated communications  SOC solution for the growing value and entry device markets, and the five-mode Intel XMM 7360 LTE Advanced solution, designed for performance and worldwide coverage.

The world will soon,  begin heading for software-defined-infrastructure. Just as I return you all to the  ''operational research''  post.

EMPLOYEES  say Wang's presence has already started to make a difference.

She's traversed the globe, meeting with employees and key suppliers and customers  -including the chairman of China Mobile, the largest cellphone operator in the world by customers.

''It's been inspiring for the organization because you have somebody who's really kind of an understated  Icon  in the smartphone world,'' says Jason Mackenzie, president of  HTC's North American operations.

Wand comes from a family of accomplished business executives.. In addition to her highly successful father, who ran his plastic empire until his death at age of 92, her sister-

Charlene,  co-founded  motherboard maker  First International Computer in 1980.
Another sibling, Winston started a China-based semiconductor company.

''They are a fascinating family,'' saus Steve Zelencik, the former chief marketing officer of  Advanced Micro Devices. Back when Wang started her career, working for her sister's company in the 1980s, she was in charge of buying components from AMD.

''She showed up as just a kid out of college, but she adapted quickly,'' says Zelencik, now retired from the tech industry.

In fact, Wang spent much of her teen years learning how to adapt. At 15, she was sent from Taipei, Taiwan to:

Berkeley to attend high school and eventually the University of California at Berkeley. A devout Christian, Wand lived with a Jewish host family, where she was exposed to new foods, customs, and responsibilities.

''Wednesdays were my days to cook,'' Wang recalls. ''I didn't know how to, so they soon became Chinese restaurant night.''

Wang's mother, Wang Yung-Ching's second of three partners, eventually also left Taiwan and settled in the Bay Area.

''She didn't take any money with her,'' says Wang. ''She learned English and got her driver's license when she was 60.''

Wang tears up when she talks about her parents. 

Her father, clearly a prominent figure in her life, wrote her 10-page letters describing his business experiences.

''I had to write back or he would be upset,'' says Wang during an interview at the Rosewood  Hotel in Menlo Park, Calif.{She splits her time between the Bay Area, and Taipei, close to where  HTC  is based.} 

After spending her formative years with her sister's company, Wang helped build  Via Technologies in the late 1980s. Later through acquisition and investment, Wang a small team of executives drifted into the phone business.

''At that time I interviewed everyone,'' Wang says of HTC's early days. ''I would tell them the vision. Peter [Chou] was the first one to believe.

Wang continues to place faith in Chou's ability to turn around the company they built together.

''Now I can focus on building new products and new product categories,'' says Chou, who has reportedly said he would step down if the company's current family of smartphones didn't succeed.

''She is my biggest supporter.'' She's also HTC's largest shareholder, and if she's seen the value of her holdings plunge 90% since 2011.

Wang may be modest, but if HTC's slide continues, few would be surprised if she pulls a Steve  Jobs-like  return.

With respectful dedication to all  the users of  Smartphones the world over. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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