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''' CHER WANG - HTC - 


CHER WANG  -started HTC with the goal of putting powerful computers in consumers' hands.

[Then],  -Now the once prosperous company has begun struggling. The main question  for now is, can she bring it back to its former glory?

FOUNDERS who go back to save their company from the brink of extinction have a mixed record. The second coming of Apple's Steve Jobs was an unequivocal success, while-

Jerry Yang's return to Yahoo was an unequivocal failure. And the jury s still out on Michael Dell's efforts to revive his namesake computer maker.

Now HTC, a struggling Taiwan-based smartphone maker, is pinning its hopes of redemption on  co-founder and chairwoman  Cher Wang. Year before last, under pressure from agitated investors, Wang 56, resumed day-to-day involvement.

She hasn't officially assumed a new title  -she insists she's merely there to support current CEO Peter Chou  -but she's actively working on marketing, building relationships with telephone companies that carry HTC devices, and-

Crucially, helping lift morale among employees, who have been battered by the handset maker's loss of business and an exodus of senior executives.

It is no surprise that Wang  {rhymes with ''gong''}  prefers a more behind-the-scenes role at HTC, which she co-founded in 1997. Despite her wealth  {estimated net worth: $1.6 billion} and the fact that she's the daughter of:

Taiwanese tycoon, Wand Yung-Ching, founder of petrochemicals conglomerate Formosa Plastics Group, Wang maintains a low profile and eschews many of the trappings of wealth. 

She's been known to fly on discount carrier Southwest Airlines and favours a uniform of simple black suits. 

But she has serious technology chops: She founded chipset maker Via Technologies before HTC.

''I started HTC because of the vision I had a long time ago,'' Wang Tells Fortune. ''I really wanted to do handheld computers.'' Indeed, HTC stands for  ''high-tech computer.''

Wang's combination of humility and tech prowess may be exactly what HTC needs to rebound from its ignominious fall. After bursting on the scene as a wholesale phonemaker for Global 500 companies such as:

Hewlett-Packard [No. 50 on the Global 500],  HTC shifted to marketing phones under its own name. The company scored a big win in 2008  when  Google {No.162}  selected  HTC  to partner with it on the first phone to run on its Android operating system.

For a time HTC was on a roll. Emboldened by its success, management began to focus on high-end devices that would compete with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy line.

Revenues in 2010 climbed to $9.6 billion. But by Christmas 2011 the company had started to make execution errors.

Management missed sales projections, a critically admired new smartphone, the HTC One X, failed to reverse the decline. Supply issues plagued the company, as did a lack of marketing focus.

Even a phone launch with Facebook in 2013, which featured the social networking giant's  ''Facebook Home''   interface, flopped and was quickly discounted by its exclusive carrier, AT&T.

As  HTC  fumbled, Apple and Samsung solidified their positions at the top of the mobile food chain 

HTC, once the top seller of Android-powered phones, eventually slipped from the list of the world's top 10  smartphone makers.

''In the beginning, the competition was not as severe,'' says Wang. ''We didn't think marketing was as important    -we thought the product was more important than marketing.

And we didn't know how to communicate with the customer.''

Wang's return has yet to improve  HTC's financial performance. Revenue in 2013 fell 30% to $6.85 billion, and the company lost $44.6 million.

The year after that, in the first quarter, revenues slipped 23%. And competing with Apple, Samsung, and a growing number of cheaper Chinese manufacturers-

Isn't likely to get any easier.
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