Headline April 20, 2015/ ''' HARVARD LIKE? -&- 98% APPROVAL RATING?! '''

''' HARVARD LIKE? -&- 


'''MR.KHAN  -THINGS LIKE THIS,  don't work in,  Germany!!''  screamed the  professor at me.........

What this very great man, Professor Dr Klaus Achtel, was highly agitated about was,  a very serious happening:

*My wife grabbing her teacher in Germany,a professor, by the coat lapels, and DEMANDING ENTRANCE TO HIGHER EDUCATION AS HER FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT.* 

Dr Klaus Achtel obviously suspected, that I had set all this up. For once, this formidable professor was wrong. I had not. 

My son, and I, just stood there in the driveway, this beautiful Sunday morning, as the learned professor fired his many salvos. And then, Mrs. Achtel, the ever gracious human, moved forward and invited us in.

Student Khadija Sharif Hashmi, this Urdu-medium bulb, knew Arabic, French, Urdu-and Persian poetry, knew Ghalib, and worshipped Iqbal, and all the sub-continent poets by heart.

Here was one seeker, one student, ''who could be destroyed but not defeated.'' She later, also, went to learn at Harvard University. More on it, in the future, but for now, we move to the post.

That was good enough for June Harris, of White Plains, New York, who had previously taken an online Trump real-estate investing course and found it useful. After the free June 2009 session at a hotel in Stamford, Connecticut -where participants:

Were told to keep  $1,000  in their pockets at all times as ''a confidence builder for wealth''  -Harris signed up for the three day seminar, which cost her $ 747.50. She spent the weekend of June 19 at the seminar. where she was-

Encouraged to call her credit-company and increase her line of credit. ''They said we should invest in property without ever touching our own assets,'' she wrote in September 2012 affidavit. ''The instructor said if we surmounted the fear of losing money then we would actually make money.''

She was then encouraged to sign up for the ''Trump Gold'' mentorship program at a cost of $35,000  -described as a year long group of seminars and private consultations with Trump instructors. When Harris declined, ''The agent was very upset and quickly hung up the phone on me,'' she wrote in her affidavit.    

Bob Guillo, from Manhattan, New York, and his son, Alex fell hard for the Trump line. After the free seminar and the three-day course costing nearly $1,500  -and which he graded as ''excellent''  in his evaluation-

Guillo signed up for the Trump Gold Elite program and paid nearly $35,000. He was told he would be a part of a select  ''in-the-know group'' and among  ''insiders'' who would have access to proprietary real-estate deals.

''For example.'' Guillo wrote in an affidavit,  ''where Mr.Trump would be involved in building condominiums, we would get the first choice at purchasing an apartment and then be able to immediately sell it at a profit.''

Guillo wrote that at the first day of the  Trump Gold Elite program he  ''began to realize I had been taken''  because the information conveyed seemed to be coming from Zillow.com, a real-estate Web site, or  

From the I.R.S Web site. In August 2011, Guillo wrote George Sorial, an assistant general counsel in the Trump Organization, to request a refund. But he never got his money back. Instead, ''Trump staff promised to set me up with their best mentor,''  Guillo wrote. He declined the offer. He just wanted the money back.

Guillo, now 75 years old and a retired legal-document processor, says he attended every one of the seminars his $35,000 bought him and at every one of the Trump instructors did the same thing.

''They tried to solicit more money from us,'' he explains. ''I got a picture of myself with a Trump cutout and basically very, very little else.''

Trump is unmoved by the people who have complained.

He and his legal advisers set up a Web site,  98percentapproval.com,   which contains video testimonials from satisfied customers, as well as more than 10,000 attendee surveys, many of which give Trump top marks.

''It's like Harvard,'' Trump narrates. ''You know Harvard doesn't have a 98 percent approval rating.''

Alan Garten, an executive vice president of the Trump Organization and litigation counsel, interjects, ''When you take into account the fact that the attorney general's been looking at this case for what, two-plus years, 46 [negative] affidavits is [nothing].''

Trump quickly picks up on Garten's observation.  ''Of these 46,'' The Donald says, ''most of them have signed a letter saying how great it was...........They complained that they were given refunds, except they were.''

What about Bob Guillo, who has not received a refund?   ''I had many conversations with Bob Guillo,'' says Sorial. ''He could not articulate one thing that was wrong with the course. And I just got that impression that this was guy who read about this frivolous lawsuit and was saying-

'Hey, look, I'm going to try and and get some money back.' Especially, because he signed up for multiple courses in multiple years, and had multiple, very positive evaluations.''

Schneiderman, is not persuaded by such arguments. ''All the promotional materials, many of which featured Mr.Trump, made numerous false statements,'' he explains. ''He never handpicked experts to teach people. These people weren't experts. They weren't even certified as teachers by the state of New York.

They didn't learn any real estate secrets from Trump, because he never participated in developing the curriculum.'' {Trump says he personally reviewed the resumes of many but not all of the teachers.}

Trump is especially miffed that he is being tarred as a fraud. ''I really did this because I thought we could really help a lot of people, and we did help a lot of people.'' 

He is determined to make the attorney general pay politically for his accusations and says his legal response '' will blow Schneiderman out of the water.''

Schneiderman responds. ''I have no idea how he thinks his strategy is going to work.'' He adds, ''The lawyers in my office are going to pursue it. I am quiet confident we're going to prevail, and the rest of it just distraction.'' 

With respectful and loving  dedication to my wife, Khadija Khan, United Nations, to my son Imran Khan [Trinity University], Dublin,  -our daughter Lawyer Zainab Khan [ Kings College]  for all the pioneering work and sacrifices, and to the grandchildren Haanyia and Meriam.  See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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'''Good Night and God Bless

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