Headline April 18, 2015/ ''' T R U M P U N I V E R S I T Y '''

''' T R U M P U N I V E R S I T Y '''

HE TWEETED TO THE DONALD : ''Why did you rob all those Trump University students out of their money?''.................... 

DONALD J TRUMP HAS 2.43 million followers on Twitter, making him the 670th most followed person in the global Twitterverse. Last fall, writes a distinguished author-

He was sandwiched there between Lonny Rashid Lynn Jr, better known as the Chicago-born-hip-hop artist Common, and Alejandro Fernandez, or El Potrillo, the Mexican singer.

The Donald likes to tweet about his many triumphs and to re-tweet exhortation for him to run for president and save the country. On October 29, 2104, he re-tweeted a boast from his daughter Ivanka -who has more than 1.5 million followers

That the yet to be completed  Trump International Golf Club, in Dubai, was voted by the  International Property Awards:
''the Best Golf Development in the Middle East.'' 

That same day, he revealed that his Virginia winery had been awarded the  ''coveted''  Virginia Double Gold Medal.

One project the  The Donald  isn't crowing about on Twitter   -or anywhere else, for that matter  -is the public relations problem known first as Trump University and then as the Trump Entrepreneurial Initiative-

His effort to teach the great  unwashed  {for as much as $35,000 a head}  his vaunted investing techniques.

If Eric Schneiderman, the New York attorney general, is to be believed, this particular  [now defunct]  Trump enterprise, was nothing short of:
''Out-and-out fraud!''

Toure, a host of  The Cycle on MSNBC, appears to agree. He tweeted to the Donald,'' Why did you rob all those Trump University students out of their money?''  
Schneiderman thinks that's a good question, and he wants a good answer. In August 2013, the attorney general's office filed suit against Trump and his associates for more than $40 million in New York State Supreme Court:

Claiming that between 2005 and 2011 they  ''intentionally''  misled  ''over 5,000 individuals nationwide,''  including some 600 New York State residents, who paid to  ''participate in live seminars and mentorship programs with the promise-

Of learning Trump's real estate investing techniques.'' Schneiderman asserted that Trump personally made about $5 million from the endeavour   -although Trump said he intended to donate any profits to charity.

[Now he says that between legal fees and refunds no money is left to do so.]

At a press conference announcing suit, Schneiderman claimed that ''Mr. Trump used his celebrity status and personally appeared in commercials making false promises to convince people to spend tens of thousands of dollars they couldn't afford for lessons they never got.''

Trump wasted little time in responding, hitting the airwaves to call into question Schneiderman's character    -he's a ''political hack,'' Trump told Fox & Friends   -and his motivation for filing the suit.

Trump claims that Schneiderman  cooked up the lawsuit after visiting with president Obama   -the target of much of Trump's political ire {recall Trump's birther non-bombshell}   -in upstate New York.

They met on a Thursday and Schneiderman filed the lawsuit that Saturday, leaving  Trump incredulous. ''It's helluva coincidence.''  Trump narrates. 

''You meet and then you immediately file a lawsuit and the lawsuit is filed not on a Monday or Tuesday but on a Saturday?.....I've had a lot of litigation. I have never heard of a lawsuit being filed on a Saturday.''

Schneiderman responds, ''I assure you I have many more important things to talk to the president about than the fact that we busted this  penny-ante fraud........[Trump] seems to be the kind of person:

Who goes to the super Bowl and thinks the people in the huddle are talking about him.''

As to why the suit was filed on a Saturday, Schneiderman says that Trump and his attorneys asked him to hold off until weekend, allowing Trump to leak in advance his side of the story to the Saturday editions of the :

New York Post and  The Wall Street Journal and..........''to whip up this strange Web site attacking me.''

Trump says, Schneiderman came to him hat in hand for a campaign contribution in 2010,  when he was thinking about running for office.

On one of three visits that Trump alleges Schneiderman made, Trump gave him $12,500 : ''He said, ''Can you fix me up with some people?'' I set him up with people. Now you can make the case:

''Isn't that wonderful that there's somebody who helped him that he'll gain.'' But you could also say he's a real disgusting human being.''

Trump elaborated in a recent letter to a highly respected magazine. ''He wanted to settle and I didn't...............During settlement negotiations, he was asking for campaign contributions.

He's a sleazebag and a crook who is driving business out of New York City.''

To Trump's charges, Schneiderman responds, '' The fact that he has a large megaphone than most fraudsters is what gets all the attention here, so I would expect that he would attempt to distract the court, unsuccessfully...................

It is true that he did not support me in the Democratic primary, when I ran in 2010, and, after I won the primary, he gave me one contribution, which is the only contribution he has ever given me.

Schneiderman fought back with an opinion piece in the Daily News, as well as with numerous  TV appearances.

Trump has answered with outlandish accusations,'' he wrote. ''That's not surprising for a showman who has built a career around bluster and hype. But I am not in the entertainment business, I am in justice business.'' 

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