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NOW THESE VALLEY GIRLS are just about the brightest of the bulbs around. For a great noting and mention, see:

Meredith Perry, 25, DREAM FOUNDER, is the youngest member of this list. She has turned skeptics of uBeam  -the charging analog to Wi-Fi:

It uses ultrasonic waves to transmit energy   -into investors, winning the minds and checkbooks of Peter Thiel, Mark Cubon, and, yes, Marissa Mayer. 

Kattie Jacobs Stanton, 44, TWITTER, vice president of international market development: Kattie Jacobs joined Twitter in 2010 after a stint at the U.S.State Department under Hillary Clinton-

Where she helped devise the simple textmessage donation platform   -used by the Red Cross following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Before going to Washington she was at Google and  Yahoo, where Mayer reportedly tried to lure her back.

Francoise Brougher, 49, SQUARE, Business Head: Another alumina of Google, where she oversaw billions in ad revenues. 

Brougher joined the Square  -the  mobile-payment-appendage company co-founded by Jack Doney. She is responsible for its international expansion. 

But at Yahoo! meanwhile, the Makeover Plan, snailed forward: 

That would being Loeb's stake below the 2%  threshold, which meant that he and the other  two representatives would have to leave the board. Loeb was shocked that Marissa would want him and his team gone.

But it was too good a deal to pass up. So, on July 22, that year, Yahoo announced that it would buy back  40 million shares from Loeb. The entire affair netted the hedge fund around $1 billion.

There are two ways to look at this, both of which may be true. One is that Mayer didn't want any pushback, and Loeb is an investor who constantly pushes back.

The other is that she is one of the few people to have outmaneuvered Loeb. ''She dodged a bullet,'' says an industry executive.

''I thought she and Dan were going to go sideways. He would have fired her. Both are extreme Aphas. Dan was going to turn at some point.

She ran the first gauntlet. She got him out. Dan had a gun to her head whether she knew it or not, and she orchestrated his departure.''

Immediately after Loeb left, Vogue ran a flattering profile of Mayer called:
''Hail to the Chief.'' which featured a photo of her having lying upside down on a chaise lounge and examining photo of herself on an iPad.

In the article, Mayer told Vogue that she ''didn't set out to be at the top of technology companies.''

She continued, ''I'm just geeky and shy and I like to code.'' She went on to say that Eric Schmidt, then Google's C.E.O., pointed out to her that, ''when you want to have an impact that's bigger than just you-

You move from being an individual contributor to managing a team.........And I was like. 'Oh, right...........it would be nice to an impact that's bigger than just me. It's not like that I had a grand plan where I weighed all the pros and cons of what I wanted to do.....it just sort of happened.'' 

The most interesting reactions to this claims come from others in the Valley, some of whom think that her story isn't so much one of rewards flowing effortlessly from a amazing talent as it is of ambition cleverly and aggressively pursued.

Which id great   -just don't deny it.  ''Owen it!'' a female executive states. The only legitimate reason Mayer doesn't,  this woman thinks, is because even she is afraid of the criticism that woman who embrace their power can face.

Another executive has a slightly different take.This person thinks Mayer figured out very early on that being a female engineer   -a rarity in a culture that reveres engineers   -gave her a pass that other woman without that credential would never have.

After all, her flaws, like her habit of being late, are easily fixable,   -should she care to fix them.

''This idea that she is shy and just a quiet engineer is such a bad bullshit,'' the executive says. ''She is savvy about knowing that it makes her Teflon.''

At least for now, Mayer is Teflon, thanks to her celebrity status and Yahoo's stake in Alibaba.   -there is a belief in the Valley that the ability to create innovative products trumps all flaws.

And so, if Mayer's superpower isn't empathy but rather an ability to create products that consumers want, if she really is a rare one with magic, then she will stay on top.

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