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THESE VALLEY GIRLS are simply outstanding. While the scarcity of female C.E.O.'s in Silicon Valley is troubling, some woman may well change that:

Emily White, 36, INSTAGRAM : is the Director of business operations. Starting her career at Google, White moved from Facebook to Instagram after the later was acquired.

A protege of Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, White is responsible for making sure Instagram, which rolled outs its first ad in November, 2014, turns a profit.

Ruchi Sanghavi, 32, GROUPBOX, is the former vice president of operations. Facebook's first female engineer, Sanghavi, lead the creation of the site's News feed.

Having amicably left her executive role at  Dropbox last October, she is Silicon Valley's most eligible professional bachelorette.

BUT A GLITTERING SURFACE often deflects attention from a messier reality, and that's true with Mayer and Yahoo.

No one wants to sound as if they are not rooting for Yahoo or for her, even her friends are often unwilling to speak on the record about her. 

She's anything but easy to categorize, in ways that are both interesting and possibly troubling for Yahoo's future. ''She is a confusing person,'' says someone who has worked with her closely:

''It is a mistake to paint her as an angel or as a devil.'' Another executive who has worked with her agrees that she is a hard person to understand.

''There are some parts of Marissa World that are just inexplicably weird,'' he says. ''It doesn't add up.''
But what bothered some board members, including Loeb, is that she refused to do any analysis. ''It was her original pitch,'' says one person familiar with the events. ''It would have been fine for her to say, ''I was wrong, here are the analysis.''

But Mayer wouldn't offer up any data, Multiple people say that they think the issue is that Mayer wants to be seen as a savior, and as one says, ''Saviors do not cut.'' 

[Mayer, however has instituted a controversial new ranking system for employees and does seem to be cutting the work force that way. The system wildly unpopular with employees, some of whom are taking to the Internet to complain.]

Yahoo's core business is facing a difficult a difficult battle.

The improvements in its traffic are not showing up in its financial results. Mayer has argued since her Google days that:

''Money follows consumers..........If you manage to amass a huge amount of consumers, and they use it every day, the money will follow.  ''That was certainly true at Google, and it is a Valley truism.''

But there is a caveat, which is that all traffic isn't created equal. Yahoo's revenues from so-called display ads, such as banner ads on Web sites   -have continued to fall, in 2014, each of its last three quarters that Mayer has been incharge.

Yahoo's share of the global market for digital-ad spending has continued to shrink, while Google's  and  Facebook's are rising, according to EMarketer Inc., which tracks spending.

And it isn't just that the number are down. In 2014, Yahoo's actual business results had disappointed analysts; the company was underperforming its own guidance to Wall Street.

At the time, Goldman Sachs just cuts its growth forecasts for Yahoo's revenues and profits.

The bad advertising numbers also caused some tension with the board. Mayer, according to one person familiar with the events, argued that they were just a short-term blip but refused to dig under the surface.

''She thinks like a debater, not like an analyst.'' says the person. ''She forms snap judgements and argues for her position, and if there's contradictory evidence, she argues it away.

But that's not why Loeb sold most of his take. His thesis, according to several people. was that if things worked out the stock would be  worth $25 to $30, and by one spring later, it was $29.

So he went to Mayer and said he wanted to sell 20 million shares, or one-third of his remaining holdings.

One Friday, July 19, 2014, Marissa came back to him with a different offer.

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