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AND there is a counter-narrative to the story of change, which is that Marissa Mayer hasn't changed at all. ''By the time someone is the C.E.O of a big company, they have a playbook, and they don't change,'' says an industry executive.

''The most dangerous thing is to assume that they will change.''

Indeed, some of the stories coming out of Yahoo bear a striking similarity to those about her tenure at Google. She can be sold to executives who report to her. One former executive recalls warning team members before they went into a meeting with Mayer that they weren't going to get what they expected.''

''Despite the warning, people, very experienced people with decades of experience, walked out and said, ''That was the worst meeting of my entire career,'' this person says. 

'She will bring a tub of blueberries to a meeting and just stare at you, popping blueberries into her mouth. People feel so dismissed.''
Mayer still makes people wait. She is never late for the Friday F.Y.I.'s with all Yahoo employees, but she is consistently late for meetings with other executives
''This must have happened 10 times, '' says a former executive.

''You get the team together  [for a meeting with Mayer], you wait 10.mins, 30 mins, two hours, and she doesn't show.''

Some two winters ago, Mayer had an all-day meeting planned with the top executives to discuss the budget. The meeting was supposed to begin in the morning. ''The minutes ticked by and no Marissa,'' says one person who was there. It gets later and later, and there's still no Marissa.

We found out that she's interviewing Ina Garten. Now it's like two or three hours have gone. Finally her assistant comes and says,'' This isn't going to happen today.'' 

As this person says about leadership in general, ''Some level of respect goes along way.'' Another former executive echoes the complain, but also says that once he actually got in the door with Mayer, she would have a good feedback on his team's work.  

Just year before last December, in a blog post, Mayer announced a revamp of Yahoo's Mail for both desktop and mobile. ''Email is the daily habit,'' she wrote. It is, but Yahoo Mail is a big deal for another reason, too.

It has an estimated 275 million users plus, and while no one on the outside knows the precise numbers, there's an assumption that well over half of Yahoo's traffic originates with people who come to check their mail. In other words.

If Yahoo loses those people, there could be a ripple effect.

The team doing the revamp had worked nights and weekends to meet a short deadline, according to Business Insider. One day before the launch, Mayer called a meeting of the team   -and insisted on changing the colour scheme from blue and gray to yellow and purple.

At least four people who were involved have quit. 

''They are not opposed to working hard,'' says one person who was involved with the team. ''But they are opposed to having a sword held over our heads. This is how you do it or else. It was the most painful experience of anyone's life.'' 

Just recently, Yahoo rolled out another new version of its mail  {with purple as the main colour}, and and there have been tens of thousands of complaints.

The New York Times called the reaction  ''the online equivalent of a riot.''

One person involved with the first relaunch says that the explanation is pretty simple: the first time around, Mayer lost people that she couldn't afford to lose.

And there was tension with Daniel Loeb almost from the beginning. According to multiple, Mayer had said in her business plan that Yahoo's 14,000-person work force should be cut between 7,000 and 9,000.

But later she refused to make the cuts, arguing that the culture was too fragile to withstand the layoffs.

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