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WHEN I SAY that surely this is an overstatement, he says, ''Name me one code-writing Google engineer who [worked with her and and] has followed her to Yahoo. 

Mayer's problem were mainly with people who were at her level. The cliche  ''my way or the highway'' is one that people often invoke to describe her approach.

''She's a dictator, with top down style,'' says yet another Google employee. ''It doesn't work if people feel like they should be equal to her.''

But the more junior people often did love Mayer. 

She started with what's called the Associate Product Manager Program, a two year course inside Google that is designed to create future tech leaders, and its graduates have gone on to important roles all over the Valley.

''If you're on her team, she protects you and helps you,'' says a person who is also a fan of Mayer's. ''If not, she may not play as nicely.'' 

People who know Mayer on a personal basis say she is both genuine and generous. ''She has a sense of responsibility and proportion and generosity that is atypical for the geeks among whom she dwells,'' says Kirkpatrick-

''She has a cool-fairy-godmother-complex,'' says a friend and former colleague of hers, ''She genuinely delights in bringing other people happiness. Her parties are  about just  that   -just rocking other people's worlds.'' 

[Mayer throws an annual Halloween party, which has featured fantastical things such as a 200-pound pumpkins elaborately carved with mathematical equations, a tree made out of chocolate bark, a movie theater in the backyard, and a custom-made-cookie bar. ''Very Willy Wonka'' is how one attendee described it.

But her demeanour in a work setting can be a shock to people who are expecting the Marissa Mayer they see onstage or read about in profiles. 

She doesn't display much, if any, warmth {at least not to those who are not in her inner orbit}  -and often won't meet people's eyes.

In Silicon Valley, where having Asperger's has almost become a badge of honour -aren't all super-smart people a little socially awkward?  -that shouldn't matter so much. The rules are always different for women, but Mayer's quirks go beyond coldness.

She became infamous for holding office hours during which even peers would have to wait in line to see her. ''She had absolutely no regard for someone's else time.'' says an industry executive who is well versed in all things Google.

''She would keep 30 or 40 people waiting for hours. She had to sign off on every single decision, and they had to wait. She generated so much ill will.''

Marissa insisted on control from beginning to end in a way that alienated a lot of peers,'' says a Google executive, who adds, ''People like that are generally not collaborative.'' A former Google employee says, ''She was very effective in early years, but she became much more narcissistic.'' 

There are many sympathetic ways of looking at the complaints. It was Mayer's job to review products before they out the door, and that was destined to make her unpopular. She was rabid about keeping Google's look free of clutter.

''I m the gatekeeper,'' she told  Fast Company. '' I have to say no to a lot of people.''. There was also some jealousy, others say. Many think that Mayer's appearances on the Today show and elsewhere, where she talked specifically about Google- were always helpful to the company.

And there is natural tension between product and engineering that is larger than Mayer, with engineers often focusing on logically pure solutions and product people wanting what is best for the consumer.

I have even heard a defense of Mayer's office hours from Jesse Lee, who get her start in Mayer's Associate Product Manager program is now the C.E.O of a company.

She says waiting in the line the ultimate democracy. ''There was no pecking order,'' she says. This was just a line.''

By the end of 2009, it looked as if Mayer was on top. Her elaborate, Christmas-themed wedding to tech entrepreneur Bogue, a handsome Harvard graduate she'd met through a friend in 2007, was featured by Vogue:

Which called her  ''the gorgeous Google-ite  who makes the world searchable for the likes of us.''

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