IT'S NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO IMAGINE our world, our life, our progress and our advances,..... without Microsoft's software platforms.

!WOW!   -ON THE SAME hand,  the world students' idiom and vernacular, like ''Salt Of The Earth''    - is the new legend of the World, from the   -World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless.

AND !WOW!,  belongs to every single student in the world. 

One ''Share=Peace=Piece''. Pass the word, to the whole world, to join up. Anybody can join up to contribute and have the honour to serve. 

All Grand Parents, All Parents are most welcome to join up! For now, we move on to what Paul Allen has to say:   

WHEN I ACHIEVED  a working program, I'd secure it with a rubber band and stow it on a shelf.

Soon I was spending every lunchtime and free period around the Teletype with my fellow aficionados. Others might have found us eccentric, but I didn't care. I had discovered my calling.

I was a programmer.

One day early that fall, I saw a gangly, freckle-faced eighth-grader edging his way into the crowd around the Teletype, all arms and legs and and nervous energy.

He had a scruffy-preppy look; pullover sweater, tan slacks, enormous saddle shoes. His blond hair went all over the place.

After that first time, he kept coming back. Many times he and I would be the only ones there.   

FROM THE ARCHIVE then, and this is what Bill Gates wrote :

''During the last 14 years we have had numerous disagreements. However, I doubt any two partners have ever agreed on as much as both in terms of specific decisions and their general idea of how to view things.''

Bill was right. Our great string of successes had married my vision to his unmatched aptitude for business.

But that was beside the point.

Once I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's, my decision became simpler. If I were to relapse, it would be pointless   -if not hazardous, to return to the stresses at Microsoft.

If I continued to recover, I now understand that life was too short to spend it unhappily.

Bill's letter was a last ditch effort to get me to stay, and I knew he believed he had logic on his side. But it didn't change anything. My mind was made up.

In January I met with Bill one final time as a Microsoft  executive.

As he sat down with me on the couch in his office, I knew that he'd try to make me feel guilty and obliged to stay.

But once he saw, he couldn't change my mind, Bill tried to cut his losses. 

When Microsoft incorporated, in 1981, our old partnership agreement was nullified, and with it his power to force me to accept a buyout based on ''irreconcilable differences.'' 

Now he tried a different tack, one he had hinted in his letter.

''It's not fair that you keep your stake in the company,'' he said. He made a low ball offer for my stock:  five dollars a share.

When Vern Raburn, the president of our consumer products division, left to go Lotus Development, the Microsoft board had voted to buy his stock for three dollars a share, which ultimately cost him billion of dollars.

I knew that Bill hoped to pressure me to sell mine the same way. But I was in a different position from Vern, who'd jumped to Lotus in apparent violation of his employment agreement.

I was a co-founder, and I wasn't leaving to join a competitor.

''I'm not sure I'm willing to sell,'' I countered, ''but I won't even discuss less that $10 a share.''

''No way,'' Bill said, as I'd suspected he would. Our talk was over. 

As it turned out Bill's conservatism worked to my advantage. If he'd been willing to offer something close to my asking price, I would have sold way too soon.

On February 18, 1983, my resignation became official.

I retained my seat on the board and was subsequently voted vice-chairman  -as a tribute to my contribution.

 And in the hope that I would continue to add value to the company I'd helped create.

With respectful dedication to all the Great Technologies companies of the world: Apple, Intel, Oracle, AMD, Samsung, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, SAP, EDS, Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony, IBM, Hitachi, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Wiki-Leaks, Google, Yahoo!,  HTC,........... !WOW!  

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