New Zealand: Prime Minister forced off university campus by protesters

A group of students protested Prime Minister John Key's decision to participate in middle east conflict forcing him to leave the University of Auckland's Business School through back exit.

Mr Key was speaking at the university and was due to give a media conference before he was taken off the campus through a service exit.

"Our Prime Minister has declared war without any democratic consultation in a bid to support the United States' imperial project in the Middle East," says protest spokesperson Mikaela Hunt.

"Additionally, this morning's Snowden leaks have confirmed John Key's eagerness to privilege US military interests over the autonomy of our closest Pacific neighbours."

Ms Hunt says if Mr Key has concerns over terrorist organisations like Islamic State (IS), he should "denounce the US as war criminals" over the deaths of more than 150,000 people in Iraq.

"The US invasion and unrelenting war on the Middle East provided fertile ground for the rise of IS".


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