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*''THANK YOU, SIR, - for helping me find myself, my other colleague students and this world!''*

The above honour,  - a kind and gracious comment from a great student, and a great human, came to me from Belgium. This is now, what regularly makes my day and my world.

But this honour is equally and even more relevant for Mariam, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Paras, Malala, Sorat, Eman, Anum, Shahzaib, Salar, Jordan, Saima, Mustafa, Haider, Aqsa, Ehsen, Ibrahim, Armeen, Sara-

Hussain, Ali, Hamza, Sanan, Zaeem, Hazeem, Nayab, Haanyia, Meriam, Faizan, Mayna, and one super Chinese student, Toby. 

Well, here we are then, ''profiting from a great virtue''.

So, now, - let's go and  accomplish some more distinctions in class and ''selfless- serving''. Lets go and build a better and a shining world for now and the future generations to come. 

IN AND AROUND 2013, Hollywood introduced a technology called UltraViolet. Backed by all the major studios except Disney-

It lets you buy a movie on DVD or Blu-ray and then unlock a digital copy for streaming and downloading.

A handful of UltraViolet titles got out in no time, at the same price as discs; and many more grew out in a hightide.

With no single video service offering anything close to a comprehensive selection, hardwaremakers were left trying to stitch multiple content deals into a coherent whole.

Microsoft's -just a little later, software update for the Xbox 360, for instance, featured  ESPN, Hulu, Netflix, Verizon FiOS TV and other services, with more on the way.

But the most interesting thing about the Xbox as a TV device isn't the wealth of stuff to watch. It's the pairing Microsoft's search engine and spoken commands, like, ''Xbox Bing Breaking Bad.'' to help you hunt down a particular show.   

HOLLYWOOD HAS LONG specialised in artfully managed, highly profitable scarcity. A new film debuts in theaters. 

Months later, it arrives on DVD, Blu-ray and pay-per-view. Next, on premium channels like Showtime. When the flick finally gets sliced to smithereens on some basic cable station-

You know that pretty much every last nickel has been squeezed out of it.

Reinventing this time-tested business model for the Internet age hasn't been easy. Increasingly, consumers want to watch whatever they want whenever and wherever they choose, on an array of gadgets:

TVs, PCs, smart phones, and tablets. Studios and networks are working to make that happen, and despite the pesky holdouts (no American Idol, no regular season NFL), the proportion of programming that's been available online has never been higher.

At the same time, content owners remain cautious about doing anything that might cause too many folks to switch off prime time, stop buying DVDs or quit paying for cable.

In 2012, the way we watched TV will continue to be shaped by these conflicting agendas   -innovation tempered by paranoia.

''A lot's going to change,'' said Phillip Swann, president of the industry news site TVPredictions.com ''And it's a;; going to stay the same.''

Just look at Netflix. The company that crushed the once mighty Blockbuster by mailing DVDs and dispensing...........   

All this fractured abundance can leave you pining for Internet TV that's genuinely easy to use. Even Apple the grandmaster of simplification, hasn't introduced an iPod-like breakthrough.

Its Apple TV box suffers from some of the same content and usability challenges that other products do.

And in 2012, rumours persisted that the company was building its own HDTV for release soon. 

A tantalizing passage in Walter Isaacson's book,  Steve Jobs, in which the Apple's genius confides that he's  ''finally cracked''  the code for making TV simple, put the rumour mill into overdrive.

Steve Jobs maybe gone, but the notion that he might yet transform TV is very alive and very well.

With most respectful dedication to the Students of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' An Ultra-Dark Horse '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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