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BRITISH POLITICS, in the view of the comedian Al Murray is, ''a joke'', writes Katrin  Bennhold in an exquisite recent review. 

Which is presumably why Mr.Murray, or rather his comic alter ego, a pint waving pub landlord with a set of outrageous opinions-

Feels at home running for Parliament in the same Kent constituency-

As Nigel Farage,  the pint-waving  head of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

The election pledges for Mr.Murray's Free  United United Kingdom Party include going to war with Germany, ''If they are up for it.'' 

He proposes not just leaving the European Union, as Mr Farage  (and a lot of members of the governing conservative party) have called for.

He vows to block the channel tunnel with British bricks.  {''Probably have to get some Poles in to do it).

Three months before the general election on May 7, Mr Murray's satire of Mr. Farage   -and, by extension, the mainstream politicians terrified of losing votes to him-

*Has provided some welcome  comic relief  in a campaign*-

Pitting an unpopular prime minister, David Cameron, against an even more unpopular opposition leader, Ed Miliband.
Neither party is expected to win a majority, which economists say is just as well. In a research note titled:

** ''Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,'' **  Robert Wood, chief economist for Britain at Berenberg Bank, argues that Mr.Murray is not the only comedian in town.

''The choices are 1970s left-wing statism  or ludicrous public spending cuts and a Brexit vote,'' Mr.Wood said, referring to the referendum on Britain's membership in the European Union that Mr.Cameron has promised if he is re-elected.

Mr. Miliband, dubbed  Red-Ed  by some opponents, has promised to impose a ''mansion tax''  and a levy on banker bonuses.

He plans to raise the top rate of income tax to 50 per cent, after it was lowered by Mr. Cameron to 45 per cent, and threatens to *dispossess property speculators who  ''hoard''  land*.
[Pakistan, by the way, could really do with that]. 

{I hope that the  Prime Minister of Pakistan makes a note}

The executive chairman of the drugstore chain Boots,  Stefano Pressina, said earlier that of the Labour Party was allowed to follow through  on its promises, it would be   ''a catastrophe''.

Another proposal, to guarantee workers the first option to buy their company when it is on the course to be sold,  broken up or floated on the stock market, was described as   ''barking mad''  by the venture capitalist Jon Moulton.

Asked during a BBC interview to name a single notable Labour supporter in the business community, Mr. Miliband's chief economic adviser, Ed Balls, failed to recall even one complete name, managing only...........

'' Bill Some body. Bill Somebody.''

Mr. Cameron gets higher ratings on  economic management  than his rival. But his promise to hold a referendum on European Union membership is not popular in the business community  -which regards the  Continent  as a crucial market.

The best outcome, said Mr.Wood, the economist at Berenberg, ''if coalition politics mean modest austerity and no other changes, the U.K. will be fine,'' he said. 

''The U.K. is not Italy or Greece. Britain does not need radical surgery just to grow.''

Mr. Murray, who like Mr.Miliband and Mr.Cameron is Oxford-educated, offered his own  ''common sense solution''  to an economic recovery that has yet to significantly bolster real incomes and create jobs.

The pub landlord proposes to  ''lock up the unemployed,''  rename welfare payments as   ''scrounge credits''   and  revalue the pound at  £1.10 

Greece, he offered, could be run from Kent county Council.    

The Honour and Serving of the  ''operational research'' continues. Thank you for reading and maybe sharing a few laughs.

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