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THE LIFE HERE AT THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY  Computers-Internet-Wireless, [with love and lovingly called],  !WOW!-

Is a cerebral, sedentary, blameless business, Until a fellow hack takes a pop. In which case, the gloves are off!

*I bring this up O'' students of the world,  not just because I need to get it off my chest   -[ though clearly I do]-   because we have made many sacrifices to collectively stagger to this point of time and operations*.

Inside the head, as I go through my solo humanitarian work, -daily, without fail, I very, very often spot a computer. And when I do, I stop to Catch A Fire.

And I request for a peek and peep at Sam Daily Times :  The Voice Of The Voiceless. The owner, the operator, the user,  almost always stops to oblige

NOW, IN SIMPLE WORDS, with full signal strength, this new domain, and the new computer number, has terrible, terrible, problem unfurling  Sam Daily Times : Mariam, Rabo, Dee, Shahzaib, Haleema, Salar, Haider, Hussain, Ali,...anybody. anybody the world over.............?

HOW COME?   It takes more than 6 to 7  attempts and inputs, before a part of the newspaper begins to appear, in a frozen, hung-up, scroll. This has been the case for year after year. 

So, my question,  How Come?  is very, very challenging, very nuanced and very intelligent. It is the un-scintillating moment of the moment, miserably studying the blank screen before me.

We must have lost hundreds by hundreds and thousands of readers. Just weary and given up...........and moved on? Arrrrggggh!!!!!

!WOW! doesn't dish out awards, but will some student enlighten me on this?! If not,  then, I will delight you and help you to solve it. And now to the research.....

But many security analysts say that all the measures incorporated by Huawei are just not enough.

Telecom systems require constant updating and maintenance, in theory giving manufacturers endless opportunities to subvert networks.

John Suffolk, Huawei's U.K.based  chief cybersecurity officer, says Huawei would be willing to try any new method to ensure the trustworthiness of its systems.

''If they come up with a better model, it is in our interests to do that.'' he says-

''If you don't think [the testing process] is enough, then what is?''  

EVEN THE MOST SOPHISTICATED testing can't assuage the fear of what Huawei might do or might be compelled to do in the future.

What, ask security experts, would Ren do if asked by the PLA to use his equipment for spying or sabotage?

Even Harwit, who dismisses claims that Huawei has any meaningful ties to the PLA, believes that-

''Like any Chinese company, they are going to follow Chinese government requests.''

*The company dismisses such scenarios as far-fetched*.

''Huawei is not China,'' insists Sykes. ''Huawei is Huawei.''

With Washington plainly unconvinced by such protestations-

Huawei may have no option but to limit its ambitions in the U.S. to the market for smartphones, which do not pose the same security threat.  

''No one cares about handsets,'' says James Lewis, director of technology and public policy program at the center for Strategic and International Studies.

''They can sell as many as the market can take''.

But keeping Huawei's telecom equipment out of the U.S. won't entirely remove the risks to American communications systems.

The supply chains of many electronics manufacturers stretch into China, and these complex networks of commerce are difficult to monitor. 

The most dangerous Trojan horses may be the ones that don't publish annual reports or employ p.r. consultants.

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