Headline Mar 03, 2015/ ''' FORGIVENESS IN FORGIVENESS '''


THERE'S SOMETHING VERY SAD when the world, the humans, the students puff up their adventures:

And something very, very barbaric in the public response.

The sad part is the reminder that no matter   how very high you go in life and no matter how many accolades you win, it's never, never ever enough.

The desire for even more admiration just races on ahead.

Career success never really satisfies. Public adoration, public adulation, public love always leaves you hungry.

Even very famous people can do self-destructive all things in an attempt  to seem just a little bit cooler.

The barbaric part is the way the world seems to respond to most things even scandals these days. When somebody violates a public trust, we try to purge and ostracise him.

A sort of  coliseum culture takes over, leaving just about no place for any kind of mercy. By now, the script is familiar. Some famous person does something wrong.

The Internet, the most impersonal of mediums, erupts with contempt and mockery. The offender issues a paltry half-apology, which only inflames the public more.

The pounding cry for resignation builds and capitulation comes. Public passion is spent and the spotlight moves. .        

FORGIVENESS is often spoken of in sentimental terms   -as a gushy absolution for everything, regardless of right or wrong.

But many writers   -ranging from Hannah Arendt and Rev.Martin Luther King Jr, to modern figures like Jeffrie Murphy and L.Gregory Jones have tried to think hard about-

Rigorous forgiveness, which balances accountability with compassion. They've generally described four different processes involved in forgiveness:

Pre-emptive mercy. Martin Luther King Jr, argued that forgiveness isn't an act; it's an attitude.

We are all sinners. We expect sin, empathise with sin and are slow to think ourselves superior.

The forgiving person is strong enough to display anger and resentment toward the person who has wronged her, but she is also strong enough to give away that anger and resentment.

In this view, the forgiving person makes the first move, even before the offender has asked. She resists the natural urge for vengeance. Instead, she creates a welcoming context in which the offender can confess.

Judgement. A wrong is an occasion to re-evaluate. What is the character of a person in question?

*Should a period of stupidity eclipse a record of decency?*

It is also an occasion to investigate each unique circumstances, the nature of each sin that was committed and the implied remedy to that sin.

Some sins, like anger and lust are like, are like wild beasts. They have to be fought through the habits of restraint.

Some sins like bigotry are like stains. They can only be expunged by apology and cleansing.

Some like stealing are like debt. They can only be rectified by repaying. 

Some, like adultery, are more like treason than like crime; they can only be rectified by slowly reweaving relationships. Some sins like  vanity   -can only be treated by extreme self-abasement.

During the judgement phase hard questions have to be asked so that in forgiving we don't lower our standards.

Confessions and Penitence. At some point the offender has to get out in front of the process, being more self-critical than anyone else around him. He has to probe down to the root of his error-

Offer a confession more complete than expected. He has to put public reputation and career on the back-burner and come up with a course that will move him toward his own- emotional and spiritual recovery, to become strongest in the weakest places.

Reconciliation and re-trust. After judgements have been made and penitence performed, both the offender and offended bend toward each other. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, trust doesn't have to be immediate-

But the wrong act is no longer a barrier to a relationship. The offender endures his season of shame and is better for it. 

The offended are free from mean emotions like vengeance  and are up lifted when they offer kindness.

The social fabric is repaired. Community solidarity is strengthened by the reunion.  
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