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DR ALAN TURING, the Cambridge genius who fathered the modern computer, known as The Turing Machine was a  ''Geniuses Genius'' :

And who presciently asked: ''What if only a machine could defeat another machine?''.....seems part machine himself.

Turing makes magic in his head. The beautiful wheels spin inside; that's where he flies. And defeats the villains of unsolvable equations not with a punch, but with a key-punch.

The ''action''  here is Turing tinkering with his machine. Or simply thinking  -which, as Cumberbatch portrays it, is the adventure of the highest order.

Don't miss seeing the movie : The Imitation Game. 

Carrying himself with the hauteur of some creature from an advance species on its first trip to Earth, to join the Bletchley Park team charged with breaking the Nazis' devious Enigma code and airily-

Dismisses the theories of team leader Hugh Alexander, while defying the orders of Army Commander Denniston by going directly to Winston Churchill.

A marathoner as well as a mathematician.

Turing is the lonely long distance runner who intellectually laps his colleagues while insisting on making all the crucial decisions.
''Why?'' ''Because no one else can.''

They are merely clever; he is brilliant. And in war time results trump politesse, brilliance wins.

And with machines Dr Turing shared an enigmatic bond. On this aspect, the analysts and commentators misjudged.

Turing who was still discreet about his sexuality, kept silent when this topic arose. During the weeks leading up to the broadcast, he had been engaged in a series of actions-

That were so very human that a machine would have found them incomprehensible.

He had recently finished a scientific paper, and he followed it by composing a short story, which was later found among his private papers, about how he planned to celebrate.

''It was quite some time now since he had  ''had''  anyone, in fact not since he had met that soldier in Paris last summer,'' he wrote.

''Now that his paper was finished he might justifiably consider that he had earned another gay man, and he knew where he might find one who might be suitable.''

On a street in Manchester, Turing picked up a 19 year-old working class drifter named Arnold Murray, who moved in with him around the time of the BBC broadcast.

When Turing's home was burglarized, he reported the incident to the police and ended up disclosing his sexual relationship with Murray.

Turing was arrested for  ''gross indecency''.

At the trial in March 1952, Turing pleaded guilty, though he made it clear he felt no remorse.

He was offered a choice : imprisonment or probation contingent on receiving hormone injections designed to curb his sexual desires, as if he were a chemically controlled machine.

He chose the latter, which he endured for a year.

Turing at first seemed to take it all in stride, but on June 7,  1954, at age 41, he committed suicide by biting into an apple he had laced with cyanide.

He had always been fascinated by the scene in Snow White in which the Wicked Queen dips an apple into a poisonous brew.

He was found in his bed with froth around his mouth, cyanide in his system and a half eaten apple by his side.

The imitation game was over.

He was human.

Richard Corliss, in his brilliant analysis sums best  for the world, on  Dr Alan Turing : '' This superhero is really a tragic hero, doomed not by his  ''crime'' but by society's ignorant prejudices.  

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