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''' BATTERIES ''' : 

[ FOR STUDENTS } : !WOW! '''

IN MOST OF  THE DEVELOPING WORLD : The students must prepare to change or prepare to fail.

***Plain and Simple as That***

No engineering, technology, telecom student,  -cricketing or football fan,   did I ever meet, who could tell me who Tony Verna was?

Tony Verna invented the  *Instant Replay*. He revolutionised the viewer's experience. Fans who had missed a play could immediately catchup. And instant replay facilitated official review:

A process whose applications have  only grown broader with time.

The World Cricket Cup would spin  into global mob violence without the Instant Replay. 

I MARVEL at the fact, that how very few technology-students in this part of the world, have heard of Turing's story :  not just his seminal role in the creating of modern computing and artificial intelligence-

But also the extraordinary drama of England's Bletchley Park and the part played by his team of mathematicians in cracking the  Nazis' Enigma  code.

The decrypted intelligence was known as  Ultra  for its beyond  top-secret value.
''It was thanks to Ultra,'' Winston Churchill told King George VI, ''that we won the war.''

Were I ever to visit Chad, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Madagascar, Siri Lanka, Nepal, and on and on and on, I would just pose one question to their universities:

''What, Sires, is that you are working on?'' AND I ask that question of every Pakistani college and university that I get to walk to. 

On Set! Every two days or so.

A great and probably the best way to impart knowledge to the students is to have them work and think through on global challenges, problems and opportunities. Not doing that is:

*Education's Backward Steps*.

THE SAGA of the next big step to power electric cars spins around chemistry

There is also a private company in LeVine's narrative, a start-up called Envia Systems.

Licensing the advances made by Argonne, to have solved the rest of the puzzle.

Its executives are persuasive enough that General Motor contracts with them to create the battery for an electric car it is calling, internally, the Bolt, which is supposed to get 200 miles per charge.

LeVIne, disclosed that, for a long time he fully expected that his book would end with  Envia  solving the riddle of  NMC 2.0, and having a wildly successful public offering. 

But that's not what happens.

As G.M., Argonne and LeVine eventually discover, the Envia claims were wildly exaggerated.

After G.M. found out that the company wouldn't be able to deliver after all, it ended its contract with the company and looked to LG Chem Ltd., the big South Korean company, to supply the battery.

Indeed, by the end of the book, scientists still haven't solved the voltage fade problem, and NMC 2.0 seems as far away as ever.

Argonne wins a competition set up by the Department of Energy to create a ''Battery Hub'', in which more than a dozen national labs, universities and corporate partners will work together:

To completely rethink their approach to the conceptual leap the government  -and everyone else   -is hoping for. 

In effect they are starting over.

There is a grist in  ''The Powerhouse''   for critics of President Obama. He pushed for battery innovation just as he pushed for solar innovation.

The latter gave us  Solyndra; the former gave us Envia.

Financing efforts to invent a new battery is, without question, a form of industrial policy. But LeVine thinks this view is misguided.

''France, Germany and China have renewed their push for electric cars.'' LeVine says. The stakes are so high and the dividends so rich that they keep going'' -even if the quest seems:

At times, quixotic. Besides batteries are, as LeVine puts it, ''a hard problem.''   

If the government won't try to solve that problem, who will?

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