Headline Feb 15, 2015/ ''' AAM ADMI PARTY = COMMON MAN PARTY- [BUBBLE]. '''



THE STATE OF THE WORLD, will never win  **big time**  progress,  or improve for the better, unless the students of the world step forward to change it. 

Just  hear this subtle story:

SHE CLAIMED that her employer kicked her and beat her with a vacuum cleaner rod. She said that she was given only one bottle of water a day:To minimize toilet breaks.

Was forced to sleep on the floor and became emaciated for lack of food. This is the heart rendering story of  Erwiana Sulistyaningsih,  a domestic servant from Indonesia.

The court in Hong Kong found her former employer, Law Wan-tung guilty of 18 charges, including assault.

This is man's inhumanity to man.

 ***Shame on you Ms Law***  

The common man, the average common human of this world, is often seized by a frenzy in suffering, and goes about bubbling up and down.
Never have I witnessed this,  amount to anything for the better: Is that his fate? 

In a democratic world, no society gets very far, if Nature or  You  do not come up with great visionary leaders. The sufferings and the state of the world will retains its status-quo, if Students don't stand tall. 

LESS THAN A year after Narendra Modi, won a historic victory to become India's new prime minister, a smaller political earthquake struck the capital last Tuesday:
Mr Modi's governing party had been crushed in local elections by a young political organisation led by an anticorruption campaigner.

For Mr Modi, the Delhi results represented the first resounding defeat since his Bharatiya Janata Party won an outright majority in the lower house of India's Parliament in May, the largest such majority in 30 years.

Yogendra Yadav, a spokesman for Aam Aadmi Party, said Tuesday that its victory should be seen as triumph of local issues, not as a rejection of Mr Modi's national leadership.

But Mr Kejriwal's  70-point manifesto promising to improve the lives of Delhi's vast underclass   -through a crackdown on corruption, as well as by offering cheaper electricity, free water and more accessible schools:

Resonated strongly across the city in the voting.

''This has to do with electricity, this has to with water.'' Mr Yadav told a local television station. Naming some of Delhi's worst slums, where a third of city's residents live without routine access to water, toilet or electricity.

Mr Yadav went on to add that, ''that these are places where people are waiting for someone to do something for them.''

Mr. Kejriwal's vow to crackdown on small-scale corruption has particular resonance among slum dwellers. The vast majority of Delhi's cycle rickshaw drivers and street hawkers, for example:

Do not have permits and are routinely pressured by constables for small bribes.

''In a city where the livelihoods of the poor are criminalized on a daily basis, a party which vows to redress these brutal inequalities becomes a change agent,'' a journalist Sagarika Ghose, wrote in the Times of India recently.

Virender Kumar, 47, who drives a rickshaw, said Tuesday that Mr Kejriwal's tenure leading Delhi a year ago had offered a brief respite from bribetaking police constables because a hotline had been created to report corruption.

''Again it started after he stepped down,'' Mr Kumar said referring routine extortion by constables and petty officials.

He said he hoped Mr Kejriwal would stay in office longer this time. ''The rich people voted for  B.J.P. and nobody voted for Congress,'' he said   

G.V.L Narashimha Rao, a spokesman for Mr Modi's party, said the Delhi's results should not be seen as a rejection of Mr.Modi but as an embrace of Mr Kejriwal.

''This is a vote for Mr Kejriwal and an opportunity for his people to set things right,'' said Mr Rao. 
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