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!WOW!  -grieves the gruesome killing of three beautiful young Muslim-American Students, near the University of North Carolina.

And the  'whole world grieves',  too, at the horrendous killing of these three highly talented, accomplished, and humans of the highest class.

!WOW! is numb with sadness and  suffering.

 And then to the rolling heavens itself I cried
 What lamp has destiny to guide?
 Thy little children stumbling in the dark.
 *Blind understanding* heaven replied.   

But then Khayyam never could have imagined, what exactly will this world come to in these very times.

The latest report from the U.N. says that Schoolgirls are facing more and more threats, states the author:

Attacks against girls attending school or seeking access to education appear to be increasing around the world despite legal protection of gender equality, according to a new report by the U.N.

The report, posted on the website of the United Nations Humans Rights Council, said attacks on schools have occurred in at least  70 countries from 2009 to 2014., and that many of the attacks were:

''Specifically directed at girls, parents and teachers advocating for gender equality in education.''

It also said based on United Nations data, an estimated 3,600 attacks against educational institutions, teachers and students were recorded alone in 2012.

Although constitutional guarantees are enshrined in more than  140 countries and a global consensus prevails on the right to education for all, the report said, ''attacks against girls accessing education persist and-

Alarmingly, appear in some countries to be occurring with increased regularity.''

The report, conducted by the  Women Human Rights and Gender section of the Human Rights Council, was an assessment based on a compilation of research, including by other United Nations agencies and outside rights groups and academics.

In conflict zones, the report said, women and girls sometimes been abducted or forcibly recruited precisely because they were educated.

It cited as an example the Lord 's Resistance Army, the renegade guerrilla force of Central Africa, which has captured secondary school girls in northern Uganda:
Known for their literacy and mathematical skills-

Making them valuable recruits for  ''military communications work''. 

In addition to attack on schools. the report said, ''many more girls around the world routinely experience gender-related violence and other forms of discrimination that limit or prohibit:

The free exercise of their right to education.''

In Central America for example, the report said, the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees has documented cases of sexual violence, threats and harassment of criminal gangs, forcing them to abandon school.

The also spoke of what is called the ripple effect from attacks on girls education. Not only do they effect ''the lives of the girls and communities who are directly concerned,'' the report said:

''They also send a signal to other parents and guardians that schools are not safe for girls.''

The report is to be submitted for use of in a coming United Nations study on the role of women in peace and security since  2000, when the Security Council adopted what is considered a landmark resolution on gender equality.

The study being led by Radhika Coomaraswamy, a Sri Lankan Lawyer, rights advocate and former under secretary general who has specialised on issues concerning children and armed conflict and violence against women.

It is to be released before a  high-level  United Nations review, scheduled for October, on progress since the Security Council resolution 15 years ago.

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