Headline Feb 08, 2015/ ''' FOR THE ELDERLY : GREAT THINGS MUST BE DONE '''



A GREAT SOCIETY  -maybe best judged, by how it treats its elderly. This is a great yard stick.

PRIME MINISTER  -Mohammed Nawaz Sharif, is known to be a very devoted son and one, with a deep personal care for the elderly. But what his stated policy forward  -for the elderly?

O''Captain Imran Khan, changed his world when his mother died. He has since gone on to accomplish great things.

President Kennedy, President Nixon, President Bush, President Clinton, Bill Gates, and on and on, all remained very devoted to the great honour of serving the elderly.

Mariam and Rabo often talked very fondly of the time when their father's mother came over to live with them.

The Developed world has gone on to build systems for the elderly and the feeble. The developing world,  -with its culture and practices, is struggling with the needs of the heart and the soul.

FRANS DE WAAL   -is a primatologist who has spent his career studying chimpanzees and bonobs, two of humanity's closest living relatives. Mr de Wall draws on a lifetime of empirical research.

His data provides a plenty of evidence that religion is not necessary in order for animals to display something that looks strikingly like human morality.

Readers are told of chimps that, in lab tests, help other chimps obtain food even though there is no benefit in doing so, or even refusing reward themselves until their  troop-mates  get some too.

POWERFUL EXAMPLES also come from the wild:

Young chimps fetch water for the oldsters who cannot manage for themselves, for instance, or adopt  orphaned youngsters from other families.

One troop of wild rhesus monkeys is even recorded as tolerating the serious social  faux pas  of a trisomic member   -in other words, one with three copies of one chromosome, a condition that in humans is called Down's syndrome.

In the second set of experiments, a group aged 60 to 85  got to take the video game home and play it in an adaptive mode.

As they got better at the game, the game got harder- for three hours a week over a month.

When the participants returned, their multi-tasking abilities were again measured with the cap and found to have improved along with other aspects of cognition that were not specifically demanded by the game, such as working memory.

The improvement in multi-tasking was so great that the amount of cognitive effort required by the oldies after their training was no more than if they than if they were in their 20s and playing the game for the first time.

Furthermore, the changes seemed to last for some time. After a six month break from playing, the older participants were still nimble-minded.

Exactly how the process works neurologically is still an open question.

The prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain responsible for attention, is one area being explored by researchers.

In the meantime, the gaming and brain-training industry might find new customers.

With more disposable income, free time and discipline to play games in moderation, older people could be a healthy market for a whole new generation of video games.   

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