Headline Feb 05, 2015/ ''' THE MENTAL REVOLUTION '''


!WOW!  - is very grateful to the Indonesian Students. Their support and encouragement right from the inception has been a great beacon:

The Great President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, known and loved by his nickname Jokowi, is a remarkable leader. 

Like me,  -the younger generation of Indonesians like his informal style. Compared with the staid old ways of carrying on politics, Jokowi offers a fresh approach. 

***It should come as no surprise to the Students Of The Whole World*** that:

President Jokowi picked his cue from !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless and is working for  '' The Mental Revolution ''.

The Developing World,  and Pakistan in particular will get no where, will only have the wheels spinning in sand, if they don't make efforts for The Mental Revolution. Believe it not, accept it or not:

The Mental Revolution is your only option. So, Let The Games Begin, O''Sires!

''' Come on, O'' Captain Imran Khan, Saddleup!''


YESTERDAY  - here, in and  around Peshawar, Pakistan, 5 little students died. In a manner that will tear all your senses 

These Angel Girls were visiting a home tuition. Sitting on a bed-chorpoy, placed across an abandoned   -Well, man-hole, sewage hole, etc. The brick edge of the well gave way.

The Chief Minister of the said province must stop and investigate this tragedy to the end. No matter who is involved and how innocent the involvement. There must be no tolerance.''

Everyday, every single day, thousands of students die the world over for sheer, sheer, sheer negligence. Human life, as it is, is worth very little. And many times, I have had the misfortune to observe such tragedies.

The authorities as I soon found, found these  '' tearing happenings'' as 'Intimations of mortality'.    

IT IS JUST SO HARD to talk about normality in these times. The whole world is turning into an assimilation of cults.

Each day, the leaders of the world crank up the threats of merciless all out-wars.

Just below the surface there is an every present,  -simmering high tension, just about everywhere, warning of something akin to a doomsday  ''do-or-die'' battle.

Theatre of the absurd.

And now to the remaining part of the post:

Karl Helfferich, a national politician, Hans Luther, the finance minister, Hjalmar Schacht, who later became Hitler's economics minister became intent on currency refform.

Helfferich first proposed the idea of a currency indexed to the price of rye and other agriculture products.

That evolved into the introduction of a  ''gold''  mark whose issuance was severely restricted by a new bank, called the  Rentenbank. Just in time as it happened.

Things came to a head in November 1923.

The central government was nearly toppled by the communists and the socialists in Hamburg, Saxony, and Thuringia, and by Hitler and his Nazi party in Bavaria.

The putsches failed, although Hitler lived to fight another day.

The gold mark came in on November 15th, and the paper mark settled down to a rate of  4.2  trillion to the dollar by the end of the year.

Germany became stable enough to attract foreign investment and a huge American loan.

But the residual fear of  hyperinflation helped  Hitler's rise to power a decade later.

Mr Taylor notes similarities between the Treaty of Versailles and European economic and monetary union.

Both, broadly, were attempts to tie down Europe's giant and help prevent another war.

Versailles failed.

As for the  EU, this book, if written five years ago, would have had a happy ending, he says.

Now  ''Germany finds itself  widely hated.......and the root of the problem is, once more, a currency in difficulties.'' 

So, on ''The Mental Revolution''   now, more than ever, the students need to cajole their respective governments for a change in its care and governance. Apart from providing education to the stunted students here:

More oversight should be campaigned. 

Parents should be constantly reminded about the sneak attacks and  security threats. There should be no disconnect between ''rhetoric and action''.   

With respectful dedication to President Joko Widodo,  the Students, Professors and Teachers of Indonesia.  See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

'' The Right Stuff  '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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