French families of girls swapped at birth awarded $2.6m after 20 years

Each of the girls chose to stay with their non-biological mothers.
 (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau) Source: AP

TWO families of babies swapped at birth have been awarded a huge payout after 20 years.

A French court on Tuesday ordered a private clinic to pay nearly $2.6 million in damages to the families of two girls, each handed to the wrong mother as babies, AP reports..

It wasn’t until three years later that Sophie and her partner realised the girl, named Manon Serrano, had curly hair and olive-toned skin, nothing like either of them.

The swap cost Ms Serrano her partner after village rumours spread that he may not have been the father.

In 2004, DNA tests showed that Manon was not the daughter of either of them.

An investigation was launched and their biological child was located only 30 kilometres (19 miles) away.

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