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TO BE TOTALLY HONEST with you all : 

Every day that I go around and observe students, I am perpetually puzzled at the knowledge I assume the students to possess  -or not possess.

The students here,  have a moral dilemma of the  runaway-trolley problem: 
A runaway rail  trolley will kill a group of people unless someone chooses to push one of the group in front of it to slow it down. And------------  

EVERY MOMENT, every day, the world produces more and more students.

It will take much, much more than what the world can presently do, -and in every form-  to meet their demands and give them a decent life and a future.

All governments and leaders of the world, will need to use what we already have far more efficiently. All economies, specially that part of the economy which is relevant to education and students is A False Economy.

The world must learn and relearn working on real solutions that work in the real world. For that to work: The students of the world need To Get Real. 

!WOW! is the best way to go forward. 

Publishers are still experimenting with formats: some are a little different from their print versions, while other are more interactive, perhaps too much so.

Hearst's Cosmopolitan launched the digital only Cosmo for Guys, which purports to shed light on feminine psychology for baffled males. Who says glossy mags aren't educational? 

But the wiser publishers are finding ways to rely less on advertising. They are looking to make more not only from subscriptions but also from other sources.

Today, ''you need five or six revenue streams to make the business really successful,'' says Mr Carey. Spurred by necessity and enabled by technology, magazines  ''innovate in ways they never dreamed of a few years ago.'' says Ms Link.

What else a magazine can do besides sell copies depends on its audience and subject matter. Many are turning themselves from mere carrier of ads into marketing-services companies: Giving their advertisers a range of new ways to reach readers.

Travel magazines websites can track if their readers end up buying the holiday packages they write about, and take a cut. ''I count that as advertising,;; says Mr Kallen. ''What many people call advertising------is definitely declining, but advertising in the broader sense isn't.''

Other commercial branchings-out include a growing range of conferences or celebrity events, the licensing of magazines' names to products such as cosmetics, and tie-ups with deal and coupon websites such as Groupon.

Successful new magazines have been launched on the back of  TV programmes, such as Hearst's  ''Food Network''  and  ''HGTV''   -a home improvement show and the BBC's  ''Top Gear''   a show about Macho cars.

With so many countries now boasting a big middle class, international franchises often work well. Hearst's Cosmopolitan now has  66  different country editions.
There are also more esoteric business models. Monocle, a global magazine for the insufferably stylish, claims that the online radio channel it launched in 2011, has been profitable from the start, since normal commercial radio stations:

Never deliver the kinds of listeners its high-end advertisers want. The Atavist, an American iPad magazine that publishes a long piece of narrative journalism each month, says it makes money largely because it licences iPad publishing software to other people. 

The ability of magazines to inspire fierce loyalty among readers means there also lots of small-time,  quirky successes.

XXL, a French quarterly of long-form reportage, is profitable despite carrying no ads, not putting its text online and being sold only in bookshops; it seems to capitalise on French intellectual traditions and the concentration in Paris of voracious readers.

Germany's Landlust, which extends the virtues of living at a relaxed pace in close contact with nature, is another print-only holdout, with a circulation of 1million after seven years.

As long as there are coffee tables, people will want things to be put on them.

So, Sam Daily Times, must do everything to help raise students voice today. Its how we get results these days. It is how we can help students build for tomorrow.

President Barrack H Obama, was right on, in his election campaign, when we came up with the mantra : ''Be Heard. Be Heard''.

With respectful dedication to all the Students of the world. See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' A Recall To Life '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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