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THE MAGAZINE INDUSTRY would like nothing more that  have us think that : ''Non-news is good news''.

Could never be so as that is, in present real life and world, as important as Bazaar Bargaining.

The world is in a downdraught. And the nerves of the students are on edge. A fragile truce is the state of the world. 

***Only students of the world can change the world for better. So, Sam Daily Times : The Voice Of The Voiceless  will never-never ever be, a barkless dog.***.

At !WOW! we prefer Self-Help to Help.

When warnings sound that the end of the world nigh, all eyes are turning to the students of the world.

***The Students of the world must, I repeat must,  ''assume their part''  in saving and building a better world***

''PRINT IS DEAD''  was a common refrain a couple of years ago. 

The costly print advertisements that kept magazines and newspapers alive were migrating to the web, where they earned only pennies on the dollar.

To publishers, it felt as if a hurricane was flattening their business.

But as the storm has cleared, a new publishing landscape has emerged. What was only a fairly uniform business  -identify a group of people united by some shared identity or passion-

Write stories for them to read and sell advertising to next to the stories   -has split into several different kinds.

Hard news is perhaps the hardest to make profitable. It is increasingly instant, constant and commoditised    -as with oil or rice, consumers do not care, where it came from-.

With rare exceptions, making money in news means publishing either the cheap kind that attracts a very large audience, and making money from ads, or the expensive kind that is critical to small audience, and making money from subscriptions.

Both are cut-throat businesses; in many rich countries, many papers are closing.

But among magazines there is a new sense of optimism. In North America, where recession bit deepest more new magazines were launched than closed in 2011 for the second year in a row.

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) reports that magazine audience are growing faster than those for TV or newspapers, especially among the young.

Unlike newspapers, most magazines didn't have large classified-ad sections to lose to the internet, and their material has a longer self-life. Above all, says David Carey, the boss Hearst Magazines, a big American publisher, they represent aspirations:

''They do a very good job of inspiring your dreams.''

People identify very closely with the magazines they read, advertisers therefore love them:

Magazines, says Bernhard Kallen, the chairman of Hubert Burda Media, a large German publisher, remain essential for brand-building.

Which is why luxury magazines are doing particularly well, as are those emerging markets, where a fast-growing middle class is coming into those advertisers' sights.

In Brazil, for example, the Abril Group has made  Minha Casa, a home-improvement magazine, the leader of its kind in two years thanks to a careful focus on new homeowners.

In The United States, the number of as pages in magazines has dropped for three quarters in a row, according to Publishers' Information Bureau. 

But that is partly cynical says Nina Link, the  MPA's head, and it doesn't account for the growing number of ads in digital form.

Once, digital ads would have been scant comfort.

On the web they are typically worth a small fraction of what they were in print. But tablets, such as Apple's  iPad, could change this.

They have been around for only two years and most magazine subscriptions on them for less than a year; the  MPA suggested measurement standards for advertising on tablets only in April, 2013.

Yet already there are signs that advertisers are accepting higher rates on tablets than on the web, because magazines on tablets are more like magazines in print.

Engrossing, well designed experiences instead of forests of text and links.

***So, at Sam Daily Times, we are going to build the future with all the students of the world, supporting great ideas by connecting issues with the right solutions.

We will raise our voices even in difficult circumstances, as we have always done, by drawing together on our unity, focus and our strengths in capabilities.

The support evidence from the past is that the students already have won, one Nobel Prize: Student Malala Yusufzai***.

The Honour and Serving of the  ''operational research'' continues. Thank you for reading. And see Ya ll on the following one.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Going Beyond '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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