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''Death  -doth never spares-
 Thy mighties or thy lows.

 And when it comes calling-
 All Prophets stand to the fore''


JUST SAW a heart rendering scene of young Pakistani school children, laying bricks and mortar,  and building their own school.

And among the Pakistani students there is a new sense of optimism. They have come to believe in Sam Daily Times : The Voice Of The Voiceless.

Just as they have come to understand that in context of their fellow Pakistani students and the students of the entire world:
''Loyalty is Lucrative''.

The world students must stop, and think all the essentials, for ''brand-building''.

***Pakistani Students are not dead. They are going to step forward to serve their country and the world ***. 

AT A TIME  when the  ''hollowing out''  of  world's education and educational approaches, in train for many decades, is widely perceived to be accelerating, the students of the world must feel they are winning.

For years, the students in the developing world, have been accused of being left behind by a very fast changing world. For example:

In the case of Pakistan, the risk averse management at the universities and colleges, ponderous decision making by the leaders, and the emphasis on quantity over quality, saw them overtaken by most of the world.

Pakistan lost many decades, and its educational institutions  embraced change only when it was forced upon them, but never the management best practices of a nimbler world.

The threat of the Internet is going to force everybody to get smarter.

The main lessons of these experiments in  philanthro-journalism is that giving up on profit does not mean an end to the concern about either money or readers.

For some tax and legal issues contribute the money worry.

In Britain the model has been hampered by the struggle  to secure charitable status, which comes with tax and reputational benefits.

The BIJ's applications have been twice rejected by the charity regulator, whose criteria include broad restrictions on political activity.

Jonathan Heawood, the founder of Wilkes, a new, non-profit parliamentary reporting service   -named after a great journalist-politician of the 18th century, worries that it, too might struggle to surmount the regulator's high hurdles.  

America's Internal Revenue Service is willing to grant tax exemptions for non-profit journalism.

That makes fund raising easier, but only a bit.

Like Caucasian Knot which was set up in 2001 with a donation from George Soros's Open Society Institute but has since diversified its funding  -new ventures typically begin with one big donor:

But quickly need to find others.

John Bracken of the Knight Foundation, America's biggest donor to journalism, warns start-ups that  ''we will not be providing perpetual support''.

Many try to boost revenue through advertising, or cost sharing agreements with other outlets.

Donors also tend to require evidence that their largesse is having an impact  -which means a perpetual hunt for readers.

Almost all  philanthro-journalism is initially published online : it helps that, these days, readers often arrive at stories via social media links and search engines, rather than simply by browsing a popular website.

That means small operations can gain big readerships for timely articles.

Still, for the moment commercial titles continue to have the lion's share of readers -so the charitable lot needs to attract its attention to promote their work.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship:

Cash strapped papers get free content; philanthro-journalists get publicity. Donors seem content, even eager, to subsidize commercial titles in this way.

And the subsidies flow both ways; small investigative teams often rely on the leads and legwork provided by bigger outfits.

With respectful dedication to the students of the world. See Ya ll on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computes-Internet-Wireless:

''' Serve From The Heart '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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