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''' CASH-END '''

IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD  -nothing ever, nothing ever  gets out of usefulness. 

That includes, lethargy, laziness, unfocus, fear, hatred, intolerance and then the master emotion, Despair.

''Status Quo''  rules the roost here! You wallow in it, do everything to justify it. At times you go ahead and exhibit : Froth and Fury. And then wait for the next carnival to come to town.

Never have I encountered,  in Pakistan,  a school, college, university or for that matter even a commercial organisation teaching tolerance. 

One Vice Chancellor of a highly reputed university, was right on : ''Only !WOW!, it seems to me is the Smartest Monkey Here, Ever!''  True, on that !

The strand-weave of all these has brought the world staring in to an abyss. An abyss  -that it neither understands and thus  can never resolve.

Elsewhere, in the world,  mobile wallets  -and more ways to use them   -are making money less useful.

Only a few days ago, Ali Baba, the great and formidable Chinese technology company, made a huge investment in an Indian Startup. My figure is over $110 million.  

Mobile wallets can also be your shop-bot, sniffing out exclusive offers    -say, $2 off oatmeal at  Jamba Juice  as you walk by.

Not hungry?

Save the coupon to the wallet, which will automatically activate it when you buy your next oatmeal.

''Twenty years ago we had zero need for digital payments,'' says Bedier.   ''But today you can't buy an song or a game or an app without them. Increasingly, it will be hard to get a lot experiences on offer with just cash.''

There's something ironic about getting your money's worth only if you're not actually using money. 

PayPal, with its  103  million  account holders and  9  million merchants, is betting on the cloud :  store your information and access it from any computer or phone.

It has been buying up companies, at least a dozen in the past few years, that specialize  in bar-code readers, inventory tracking or offering location-based deals.

And PayPal is working with retailers to put it all together in apps. 

Like Google,  PayPal is building a loyalty cards and coupons and trying to wrap up other capabilities  -like  skip-the-line  checkout at coffee shops, grocery stores and home-improvement centres   -before NFC is built in.

''There is nothing you can imagine that isn't  happening.''  says Scott Thompson, president of PayPal.'' 

The goal is to reduce friction in retail.

To solve the lunch hour crunch at Pizza Express restaurants in London, for instance:

 PayPal created an app that allows customers to enter the number from their bill into their phone and then pay without waiting for a server to run a credit card.

The potential glitch?  If your cell service or  wi-fi  goes out, so does your ability to pay.

Starbucks app, which has been used  26 million times, allows customers to tap their phone to pay for their tripleventi lattes, mobile payments hit  6 million in a recent nineweek stretch.

LevelUp users get their own  QR  codes they can scan at  1,000  retailers to pay for coffee or pizza.

Shop Savvy, a price comparison tool, has added a buy button. AisleBuyer is a line buster, allowing you to do  scan-and-buy self-checkout.

Certainly consumers seem ready to ditch paper and plastic.

Every day apps are launched that accommodate  person-to-person  transactions, giving you the ability to pony up your share of the rent as well as the ability to skip the checkout line.

And  32 million banking customers are managing their money very comfortably on cell phones.

Chase  alone moves  $ 3 billion  on mobiles with an app that allows you to deposit to checking via a  cell-phone photograph or pay friends for your share of the fun by phone transfer.

PNC  Bank's app allows you to move money from one account to another by sliding your finger along a bar.

The future of  mobile transactions is on the arrive. Even in the developing world.

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''' The Awesome World '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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