Student protesters march from Denver's City Park to Colorado Capitol

With voices and passion rising with each step, a group of about 200 students from a number of Denver-area high schools marched after school Friday from City Park to the state Capitol downtown. The students walked in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City.

"Don't let this fire die," Mykail Gholston, one of the organizers of the Denver event, told the crowd as they amassed on the west steps of the Capitol. "Don't let anyone take this fire from you."

The protesters distributed a flier listing a number of statistics regarding violence against youths in Denver, as well as listing a number of demands for Denver Public Schools and the city of Denver.

"Because DPS schools are over 70 percent students of color, the reality of race and its role in police brutality is potently felt by the student population," the flier says. "Students are taking action to demand racial justice and would like to emphasize this as the point of their organizing, not an opportunity to skip school, as several media outlets and quoted officials have implied or directly stated."



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