Landowner evicts students, teachers from school

PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN: A Khappa villager has illegally evicted more than 100 students and teachers from the building of the Government Girls Primary School, Khappa village on the outskirts of Peshawar.

The eviction has led to the closure of the only primary school in the area. The occupant, Gohar Khan, had donated the land, on which the school currently stands, in 1984.

The relevant officials said the eviction took place on September 1 this year to the misery of the village’s girls, who have left with no option but to stay indoors.

They said the top bosses of the district education office and district administration knew about the eviction but had yet to act against the landowner.

According to them, the Khappa school is not the only school in the province that is occupied.

Instead, it is one of around 360 government schools, which have long been occupied completely and partially in the province.

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