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WHAT MAKES great leaders and what produces great leadership? Are they born leaders or-

Is the leadership something that is born of particular circumstances and conditioning?  All great questions from the author.

No easy answers,   -except that nature picks extraordinary approaches to accomplish its designs...............Just earthly wisdom. 

MALAYSIA is a shining and inspiring  example how individuals can indeed change the destiny of nations.

One leader with a dream and imagination and determination to realise it can make all the difference. And as Frank Lloyd Wright said: 'An idea is salvation by imagination.''

DUBAI is another splendid example. I have watched Dubai and UAE grow for the past quarter of a century. This place never ceases to amaze me. Always developing, always building something or the other.

And, mind you, all this has been created out of nothing. Dubai is just one man's idea, Sheikh Mohammed   -spawned merely on the strength of sheer imagination and resilience of spirit. As they say, an idea can change the world.

In Dubai's case, it indeed has. The emirate has little oil. At least, not as much as other Gulf states to live off it in carefree luxury.

A whopping  11  million  tourists visited Dubai in 2013 despite the fact that the tiny emirate is relatively young in years and does not boast much by the way of history or heritage, things that usually attract western and international tourists   

It is not easy to imagine spectacular success stories like Dubai and UAE and Malaysia without the leadership that spawned them. Like Dubai, Malaysia is a living and breathing tribute to one man's imagination.

Although Dr Mahathir has long departed from the scene, passing on his mantle to a younger but less endowed leadership, his imprint on today's Malaysia remains powerful.

This isn't really surprising given the fact that he managed to transform an isolated, impoverished and long colonised island into a hip and happening country that is a constant source of inspiration and envy to the neighbourhood.

Malaysia's growth under Mahathir's dynamic leadership during the two decades of his powers was truly phenomenal.

Not a small feat considering Malaysia won his independence in  1957, much later than other Asian countries like India and Pakistan. In fact, it became Malaysia - a union of major states like Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak  -only in 1969.

What is really fascinating about the Malaysian experience is the fact that, despite its phenomenal economic growth and development, the Muslim majority country with large ethnic Chinese and Indians communities-

Hasn't broken away from its rich religious, cultural and historical heritage. It is a truly multicultural and multireligious society in the real sense.

Malaysia's minorities are a healthy part of the mainstream. At the same time, the country remains faithful to its Islamic values. Malaysia also demolishes the myth that Islam and democracy  or   Islam and modernity cannot go together.

There are invaluable lessons in these two success stories for the rest of the Muslim world. The two have demonstrated  -and how!

They proved that there is no dearth of ideas, original thinking, talent or urge to excel in the Arab and Muslim world.

What you need are  honest, inspired leaders who can control their dark sides, and attempt great dreams and make them come true.

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