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''' HEY [A] : 


DAMN THE SPELLING, and damn the grammar, or for that matter even  the clause analysis;  -with buddy, Christopher,  -that smelly, hedgehog from England, my English soared, vertical. 

'' YO-HO, A,..... you  good -for- nothing genius, how is the treasure hunt ambling?'' he growled 

Christopher was brimming with early morning energy, as I got on to the school bus and slid into the seat, that he always kept for me.

'' Amazing!  Awe inspiring!  One,  -my mother just doesn't know how to count. She just goes by the geometry of the note. Two, she forgets......all the odd places she parks the money.....''


'' Well, this means, that the army of male and female servants, the corps of brothers, and the brigade of sisters, are in every likelihood, having a time of their lives.  And here I am, poor as Mother Anne's,  -damn Church mouse!''  

[Since long, I had begun mimicking and cloning, Christopher's army-officer father, who, would only describe things to me in army terms: 'That, dear boy, is the Afghan war, dagger. And that gun is from Fort Salop siege'.] 

''And,'' I whispered, extrapolating my deadly concerns : '' With the damn  pastry-wala's  bill growing, I wonder what excuse are we going to latch on to, for the days ahead. I hope the rascal doesn't report us to Mother Anne.''

Our last excuse for not paying up, and seeking further credit, from the pastry-wala was well thought out : ''Our parents are overseas. But due back shortly.''

'Phew'  groaned Christopher. ''Phew,  phew,'' moaned I. 

Life's burdens were getting excruciatingly choking................ and I had no role model to steer by. Not at least, what we knew of.

Hosni Mubarak, Gaddafi, Idi Amin, Marcos,  were still in their short-pants but with few years head start on us.

Just you all, look at that dude Hosni Mubarak. ''The dude is old! He's sick! What does he need this bull-crap for anymore?''  asked one sterling writer. Instead, Mubarak, stayed on,  -for sure, the tide would reverse, and is now facing every *con-charge conceivable*.

The grand-dude could have been freely roaming seaside Heights, N.J. 

Back in the  pre-Facebook,  pre-Twitter time, when everyone was less obsessed with how many followers they have,  dictators and criminals, were willing to walk from their subjects.

Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo was allegedly offered a teaching job at Boston University some years ago, -but he waited for a  non-safety school and wound up arrested and held at Golf Hotel in Abidjan.

His three TripAdvisor reviews are titled :  ''Wilting flower, needs some rejuvenation,''  ''Not worth the money''  and  ''Da non prendere in condicrazione.''

Well, how are you doing in hell, Mr Gaddafi?  

''How on earth could you miss those signals?   

When your buxom hangers-on took off-  that things weren't  going to well for you. Let me hook you up with a spot on  Dancing with the Stars, where I am pretty sure that, most of the female dancers are buxom Ukrainians''.

In 1986,  Ferdinand Marcos ditched the Philippines for Hawaii, taking his wife Imelda and millions of dollars.

Proving what a great career move that was, and then in 2010, Imelda, 81, was voted into a seat in the Philippines House of Representatives.

African dictators went to France.

The Shah of Iran hopped around between Egypt, Morocco, the Bahamas, Mexico and the U.S.

Idi Amin, who supposedly ate people, spent 24 good years in exile, before dying in the same place Tunisia's dictator fled to. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a city just emerging as a safe-haven.

Nobody is eating people when there's a Fuddruckers in town. Part of the problem now is that,  like privacy, a good package is harder to come by.

At the time  ''The Daily Telegraph''  was going to send a photographer to whatever beach any dictator, say Gaddafi, was at,  and people were going to start protesting. You can't live in anonymity anymore:

''It's a more complicated  prenup than it used to be,'' says Kori Schake,a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and former deputy director for policy planning with the U.S. State Department.

PLUS, now there are all these  ''international criminal courts''   that could eat up a lost of your  postdictator  beach time.

Sure, sure, offering refuge to dictators, criminals and outright crooks and their dirty stolen money, never made any country or the world,  look bad. Great foreign policy that\!!

But the U.S. has already looked bad supporting these tyrants, and looking the other way, for decades.  

At least this would have saved a huge portion of needless suffering in the developing world, and maybe thousands of lives, somewhere. But who knows, maybe all over and everywhere.

And given Donald Trump and Christopher and I, some new friends. Boredom is such a wretched affair.

Sure the foreign press says ''They Suck'',  but they have been saying that for a very, very long time.

Who the hell cares? Maybe Christopher and I -and the great students of the world- do!

With respectful dedication to the Leaders of the world. See Ya all Your Excellencies'  on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' !WOW! SPRING! '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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