Computer technology shown to yield positive results in schools

Photo: Phorms Education

Phorms Education in Germany has integrated new technology in classrooms to increase their students' awareness.

“As a teacher, I stress the point that the computer is just a tool,” Silane Mwenechanya, an information and communications technology (ICT) teacher with Phorms Education in Frankfurt, tells The Local.

“I try to give the students the skills to view this tool in an advanced way, not just for entertainment.”

Putting Smartboards and Macbooks in the classrooms is giving their students more understanding of their subjects and teaching them latest technology tools.

“Our students really learn about the technology, theory, and programs, and then they can use that information in other subjects, presentations, and research in other subjects.”

“By the time the kids enter high school, they have a very good understanding of what the internet is, and can operate a computer independently.”

Phorms Education now has more than 500 teachers and nearly 3,000 students of nationalities from around the world.


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