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WERE SOMEONE,  ever go on to create a   -three dimensional portrait-   of the great man, Julian Assange,   just to remind the people:

That he is not just the weird,  white-haired Australian dude, wanted in Sweden,........

But a true force to be reckoned with, who went on to achieve the realization of the great idol.

Julian Assange's understanding of the nature and scope of ideological power is staggering. 

A tale-tail  first:  

MOROSE AND GLUM,  as I stood by the bank of river Kabul, -one silly Sunday, wondering at the origin of the swelling river,  and the tortoise, that occasionally came up for air.  -I saw a distant figure weave his way towards me.

Good buddy, Christopher, had somehow managed to evade the ever watchful supervision of his parents, to team up. And so, after the usual horsing around, he lasered  his controlling question:

''Well, A,  what's cookn?''

'Well buddy,I have been dreaming and thinking lately''  I confided in a whisper, -that I dedicatedly reserved for him.

'I have been wondering where Mother Anne and Sister Rozario hide all the money they make.  Boy O' boy,  I would love nothing more than to lay my hands on that. Imagine, what you and I can do with that?'

Christopher just leapt into the air, just with the thrill of it all. 

''You son of, Einstein!''  screamed, Christopher. ''I knew you would come up with a platinum of an idea and a tough assignment for me.''

'Just close your eyes, and imagine the pastries we could buy, the bananas, that Slurpee ice-mix, that we could never afford. Well, you could even set sail for your home county, Ipswich, and get back with some real dark chocolates,' I said- polishing his imagination

*And we could do a lot of good with that loot, chum!'' I added as an appendix.

So, that is how the stage was set. And now to the writing.   

As far as direct confrontation with extremely powerful structures is concerned, the political tactics and strategies of Julian Assange are very similar to-

The ones identified by Ashia Nandy in his book : ''The Intimate Enemy''.

In Nandy's interpretation, the  Native Americans got decimated because they took the idea of bravery too seriously. Because the coloniser has superior weapons, the coloniser promotes bravery instead of deceit.

Because of their bravery, the dominated group comes in direct conflict and leaves the stage empty for the coloniser.

Assange echoes the same thoughts in his model of resistance:

''I am always hesitant in saying that everyone should go out and become a martyr. I don't believe that. I believe the most effective activists are those that fight those and run away to fight another day-

Not those who fight and martyr themselves. That's about judgement   -when to engage in the fight and when to withdraw as so as to preserve your resources for the next fight.........(page 137)

His ideas on the trap of identity are not as sophisticated as those of Michel Foucault. For Foucalt, identity was an illusion and often worked as a trap for the individual.

*By taking his or her identity as something real instead of a product, of various convergences of discourses, the individual becomes a predictable subject*.   

For Assange, identity is something real but it should be kept secret, if a subject has to resist the superstructures of power:

''If you have a perfect anonymity you can fight forever, yes. You don't have to run away.''  page 137.

*** He believes that  30 per cent   of the  American population is directly and indirectly  connected with the secrecy of producing structures of the government***

FOR !WOW!  and on !WOW!  -what is truly enjoyable, honourable and ultimately empowering is that :

Julian Assange has spearheaded a movement that is the  ''freedom and foundation stone''  of the...........  ''The Fifth Estate''..........

And people journalism and what that is capable of  including finding out the  ''truth'' for yourself, and for oneself.

Super Work, That!! 
The Honour and Serving of this work continues. Thank you for reading. And see you on the next zoom.

With respectful dedication to  WikiLeaks and  Julian Assange. And with respectful dedication to all honest and fair-minded Students, Professors and Teachers, and people in the world. See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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'''Good Night and God Bless

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