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RIGHT AT THE OUTSET : I have  one super observation  and one terrible confession to make.

Julian Assange    *WikiLeaks*    -the towering technological mind of this century- is a very great man. So, both history and humanity,  till this world lasts,  will remember him, with tremendous admiration and respect.

To the terrible confession,then : Right up to class three, I was an utter sissy and a totally unadulterated coward. Every little  twang, sent me  into convulsions and pruning for a hideout.

One very ordinary day, -at the Convent school, Sister Rozario came breezing into the class, and to the breathless students , announced the arrival of new entrant, a boy named, Christopher.

British to the pore,  -lanky, scruffy, his shirt sliding out of his pants, and in every direction, Christopher slid and stumbled, into the adjacent seat. ''Hello, mate,'' he beamed. 'Hello, you,' I muttered.

And as fate would have it, Christopher grew into one of my great and best buddy. He taught me just about everything: how to swim, how to create and grow gangs, how to reason, how to value things-

And how to turn into a A rate prankster. And even how to pass Mother Anne, unnoticed.

He told me, that he found me cartoonish, dumb, greedy and wicked, but a great company and an idea guy; I told him that I found him a pain in the neck, an incorrigible borrower of my rubber, and pencil sharpeners, including my best geometry box.

But a great friend, all the same, he was.  A friend who gave me a spine, had me stand my ground and fight for what I believed in, a spirit of curiosity, and for a change, think and look beyond my very own personal gains.

It was Christopher, in fact, who schooled and prepared me for what life had in store for me. Ever since, I have never looked back.

I write all this, because thousands of you, Pakistani students, keep asking me as to why their country has risen so inflamed, with a clear line drawn to bifurcate, which way the future goes.

In my best and fair judgement : The overly caring mother's syndrome, of the last many decades, did not produce great sons and daughters in a reasonable majority. 

All it ever produced was yellow appeasers, court-jesters, flatterers, self-preserving artists and thorough snake oil salesmen. The precipice looms.

Till !WOW!  -The very First and the First-   and then Pakistan's great son, O'' Captain Imran Khan, stood tall and went to the very basics to highlight  and then tackle the keel.

!WOW!  -LIKE INFORMATION-   is thus like, climate, and is ultimately linked with the nature of the contemporary world. The distinguished author of the review is right on.

And this world is nothing for human beings but a broad range of interpretations. It means the world,  since the emergence of language, has mostly existed as information   or interpretations of the world.

Controlling the number and scope of possible interpretations that circulate in the public sphere is the most powerful tool for any system of thought control.

It is precisely for this very reason that  Big Brother, the dictator in George Orwell's novel 1984, removes all the adjectives from the dictionary.

Adjectives help people pass judgements he reasons. For George Orwell, thought control was the ultimate device and tool for controlling the past, and the future:

''He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.''

In mind sweep,  -for Julian Assange, keeping information secret is  ''crimogenic'', as it produces nothing but crime.

His argument, in his book, is quite convincing: If the governments of the world are doing things that are not criminal, they do not need to hide anything.

In his views, governments lie all the time, but they lie more often just before they want to start a war.

The lies that a government wants to tell its people are spread through the media. It means that the journalists are directly involved in the process of war and peace:

''Most wars in the twentieth century started as result of a lies amplified and spread by the mainstream press.......pp126-127.  

Assange's interpretation of this fact is counter intuitive and very astute.

He believes that the fact that governments have to lie before they can start a war is very, very encouraging, indeed.

It means that that people of the world dislike wars and they have to be lied into wars. It means telling the truth before the war breaks out can save so many lives.

This is a   ''tremendous opportunity''   in Assange's vision because truth is linked with  peace  and the combination is a   ''cause for great hope''  (page 127)

The Honour and Serving of the operational research continues. Thank you for reading and see you on the exquisite, next one.

With most respectful  dedication to the memory of  O''Captain Imran Khan's mother, Shaukat Khanum- And

 My mother, Ashrafat Jan,  and all the Mothers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Nursery Rhymes '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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