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IN AMERICA, a new report for the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), released on September 10th, 2013,  suggests that  ''Teach For America''  -TFA's member excel at teaching maths.

Although older studies suggest they do no better than their traditionally qualified peers at teaching children to read.

The report, which looked at  TFA members maths in middle and high schools. found that the improved test scores of pupils were equivalent, on average, to an extra  2.6 months of school.

The  TFA  teachers were more likely to be white, male and graduates of  ''more selective'' colleges than the teachers they measured against. The data on TFA's newcomers, however, show that the organisation is more diverse than the study's sample:

39% of the latest recruits are minorities, according to Ms Beard. That is  ''important given the communities in which we work'' , most of them heavily minority.

The study's findings also rebut criticisms that TFA's two-year teaching scheme is too short. 

Members were more effective than other  ''novice''  teachers (those with less than years experience), and better even than those who had been teaching for an average of  ten  years.

Despite the fact that they were also less likely to have a degree in maths.

One Californian recruit thinks  TFA's model is revolutionary because normally ''the best teachers are striving to get into  ''the best-paying schools''. 

But she feels members can and will be  ''emotionally underprepared'' for the challenges of inner-city teaching.

After their two years, only a third of  TFA alumini continue to the classroom. Many more, however, emerge energised by campaign for better schools.

Now back in China,  -Chinese universities have debating teams but there are more political sensitivities at higher levels of education so the debate tend to be less wide-ranging, says Gavin Newton-Tanzer, an American:

Who founded the National High School Debate League of China.

In 2012, more than 200 schools took part in the group's tournaments.

Top debaters from the organisation have been invited to compete at Harvard and Stanford universities in America.

The debates are chosen carefully. ''We are culturally sensitive,'' says Newton Tanzer euphemistically. A motion deemed too political might be rejected, and the students themselves have strong views.

At a tournament in in the central city of Wuhan, students refused to debate whether China should forgive Japan for its wartime atrocities, insisting that they could never forgive Japan.

So, I spin the wheel and return to India, Education and Students:

'Indian universities have created the necessary backbone for advanced scientific projects, writes one distinguished professor.

'University quality goes from moderately bad to very good, with the median lying around fair. Many mediocre ones produce rotten science PhDs and publications prodigiously, suffocating growth.

On the positive side research in theoretical sciences carried out in India's very best universities   -as well as institutes such as TIFR and IMSC-  compares very favourably with that in the world's top universities'.

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