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THE ABOVE HEADING is a real calculus to remember.

Sadly, tragically,  -the world of higher science is totally closed to anyone who can only read or understand a local dialect or language.

One Indian science survey shows that  12-16  year olds practically worship Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking,  -are fascinated by  black holes  and Schrodinger cats, and most want a career in science.

They see more prestige in this than becoming doctors, lawyers, financial managers, or army officers.

Although most eventually settle for more conventional professions, this eagerness leads India's very best students towards science.

*All of the above from a very distinguished and upright professor of science*.

IN CHINESE classrooms,  students rarely question teachers   -part of a broader deference to authority in Chinese society.

So the growth of Western-style debating in school and universities, in which participants sometimes argue against prevailing Communist Party policies, can seem incongruous.

But interest in such debates is growing.

Many schools, especially in the big cities, have teams that debate, in English and Chinese. Educators say the aim is to develop some of the skills they know are lacking:

''Critical thinking, spontaneity, and public speaking''.  Many students also believe taking part in debating as an extra-curricular activity *can help with applications to universities in the west*.   

I stop here for a moment to get you to read and understand what America is up to.  
TFA : Teach For America, a not for profit organisation founded in 1990 that places young  ''corps members''  at schools in poor areas to teach for two years.

Recruits work in 35 states,  most come fresh from college, and they learn mainly on the job. Fair enough; but TFA has many critics, particularly among teachers who have spent years becoming qualified and whose jobs are now contested.

Minnesota's Board of Teaching caused a furore some summers ago when it refused to give a band of  TFA  members group permission to teach in the state. It had done so every year since the organisation first arrived there, in 2009.

The state assessed 35 applicants individually instead  -eventually granting licenses to all of them.

Ryan Vernoush, a board member and a former Minnesota teacher of the year, believes placing inexperienced young people in front of   ''marginalised students'' only serves-

''To perpetuate the status quo of inequity''.

Elisa Villanueva Beard, the  co-chief executive officer of TFA, counters that her organisation is just  ''one source''  of teachers among others. She wants principals to have a choice when looking for employees.

Such drama in the North Star State illustrates how  TFA can polarise opinion.

Some celebrities and philanthropists are right behind it:

John legend, a popular singer, serves on  TFA's national  board, and the Walton Foundation, funded by the members of the family behind Walmart, has given it more than $100m.

TFA is an influential voice in debates about school reform and privatisation, particularly as many of its  32,000  alumni  now hold lofty positions in education and elsewhere.

One, Cami Anderson, is the superintendent for  Newark's schools; another Mike Johnston, is a state senator in Colorado.

Unlike some other teacher training programmes,  TFA  chooses its recruits with care. The 5,900 who have started for the current academic year represent only 14% of all those who applied.

In  2009-10, applicants included  18%  of  Harvard's senior class.

TFA  tries to choose young people who are organised and motivated enough to take control of difficult classrooms, right from the start.

So, at  !WOW!  we will follow : How well does teach for America work in the schools?

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