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WHEN  !WOW! set a steady bearing   -000-   over four years ago, we went around asking every professor and teacher :

To relate to the idea, and make any contribution, they deemed appropriate. Out of over 400 requests, that I made personally, not one succeeded, not one single one of them, acceded.

Alan Simpson, a Republican senator from Wyoming  -1979 to 1997-  was known for having one of the sharpest minds and tongues, in the U.S.Capital.

This is what the Senator observed some years ago:

''No one forgives anyone for anything anymore.  People get angry for disagreeing with them. But remember the old AA phrase: if you can't forgive a person, it's like letting them live in your head rent-free.

Look at what happened at the State of the Union address. There is a lot of whooping and jumping up and pointing. I'm seeing all this and thinking, you know, if they'd just look up, there's a crazy word engraved-

Right there in the wood below the dais where the speaker sits. They ought to take a look at it.


I wonder sometimes what happened to simple tolerance. It isn't just Congress  -Congress is microcosm of America. You have guys jumping out of stands at baseball games kicking the crap out of the players.

You have hockey players bashing each other. You have city-council and school board meetings that are just chaos------------------It  isn't all in Washington, I'll tell you that.''

Yes, Sir, you are right! It's all over the world. And many, many times over.

WITHIN weeks after winning the  Nobel Peace Prize  - Student Malala Yusufzai, received top US award : The Liberty medal.

The Liberty Medal is awarded to people who strive to secure freedom for people around the world.

Pakistan's great daughter, and a child rights activist pledged the $100,000 award would go for  education in her country.

According to National Constitution Center, Student Malala Yusafzai, won the annual prize for her: "Courage and resilience in the face of adversity and for serving as a powerful voice for those who have been  denied  their basic human rights and liberties".

Addressing the ceremony, the 17-year-old child rights activist outlined her desire to see  57 million children out of school   given the right to an education:

"It encourages me to continue my campaign for education and to fight for the rights of every child," she added ; announcing that even more money would go towards education in Pakistan."

And she called on countries around the world to stop spending money on weapons and instead invest in their children's future.

But just as the news that we had produced the world's first teenage Nobel prize winner, was greeted by so many with some of the most shameful reactions possible.

Malala's Nobel sparked debate right out across the country, -Abdul Sattar Edhi's name ,  { a leading philanthropist and social activist}-   was brought up, as the only one  deserving to receive this award. 

So, a little more detail, for the students the world over, from distinguished authors, about this very great man, may just be an honour.

Edhi's charitable ventures have cut through the veneer of long-standing prejudices that plague society and have revealed the bare bones of humanity.

Whenever the government has balked at providing facilities, he has has stepped in, filled the vacuum and and established some of the traces of infrastructure that we have today.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is an institution.    -a man who embodies courage, belief and rare enthusiasm to help the world. 

His work speaks a language of its own and heightens awareness about the art of giving. Abdul Sattar Edhi is the only beacon of light that has shone in the eyes of the masses.

And then,  -and then, assailants and thorough bred criminals, attacked and looted Edhi and in the process failed to understand this language of peace.

The day they broke into the Edhi Centre, marked an attempt to break the mirror to the blind. When they held him at gunpoint and robbed him, they single-handedly dismantled the values he had taught by example.

A man who had once been admired as the champion of humanitarian causes was shown gratitude through hooliganism and disrespect. After this heinous incident, every sliver of emotion is needed to reason things out.

!WOW! would certainly like to figure : why would anyone try to steal from Edhi, when all you have to do is ask him for help? I think that is when the mirror cracks!

Povonine? Yes, Pavonine! or abstract standards. And so, Rida Mazhar from Karachi, takes over,  with this sweep:

''Wolf-whistles and ogling is something a girl must learn to ignore and handle if she wants to be independent and go out alone.

Inappropriate language, groping, catcalls, and indecent suggestions are a few of the many hazards the women of Pakistan and the world,  suffer every single day, and society chooses to explain with a non-chalant:

'He's a guy, that's how he behaves'.

Well girl, the world maybe just one big hole,  -because its like a big old hob-nail bootass kicking machine.

Believe me, and take that for an explanation and you may just, just get by!?

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