The One Pair Of Boots That Works On Every Man

Guys, we get it. Going shopping and dropping a wad of cash on a new wardrobe is less than appealing. But come fall, there are definitely a few items that need updating -- namely your footwear. Instead of buying a cheap pair of boots that will fall apart after one season, why not invest in a pair that you can wear for decades? Just think, you won't have to set foot in a mall this time next year.

We teamed up with Brooklyn Boot Company, a new label on Kickstarter that creates American-made boots and sells them for a fraction of the cost (by selling direct-to-consumer instead of through retailers), to show just how versatile good quality boots can be.

Whether you're going to the office, headed out to dinner or just hanging around on the weekend, the right pair of boots will work in any life situation.

To prove our point, we had four HuffPost editors, with four distinct styles, model the boots and we have to say, they all look pretty damn cool.

The Casual Outfit
Sam Wilkes, Video Editor
The Work Outfit
Kim Bhasin, Senior Reporter
The Dinner Outfit
Ethan Fedida, Senior Social Media Editor
The Weekend Away Outfit
Brennan Williams, Pop Culture Editor



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