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THE BITTER TRUTH is that we live in an age:

''When people have Trust issues with just about everything''.

Gaining awareness, function, appreciation is one thing. *** Gaining Trust is another thing altogether *** 

A smarter world can be built on smarter analytics. Mounting evidence suggests that we're entering a new era, and the change that's driving it is the rise of very big data.

This is a world defined by data.

J. Scott Evans, a lawyer with Yahoo!, points to another potential conflict:

When a company applies for a term that is generic to its industry.

If a big technology bid successfully  for say,  .cloud, consumers might come to associate cloud computing with that company above others.

Rivals might respond with antitrust suits.

Mr Beckstrom plays down the risk of a legal quagmire and says the roll-out has been wrapped in  ''an extremely rich set of protections''.

these include newly streamlined vetting dispute arbitration.

But much remains unclear.

Lawyers seem unsure what would constitute the  ''blatant''   abuse that would bring fast-track arbitration, or what a much-trumpeted  new clearing house of trademarks will do.

ICANN's failure to keep the bids confidential has denied faith in its ability to manage disputes.

But bigger worries predate the glitch, not least the  ham-fisted handling of quarrels over existing domains.

Conceived as a voluntary option for pornographic sites  .xxx  , for example, was rejected three times before being finally approved by ICANN last year.

Respectable outfits had to buy  .xxx sites to stop others abusing them.

This has sometimes proved tricky.

Meetup,  a do-gooding network, tried to buy  meetup.xxx  to preserve its good name. But the address was on a  ''premium list''   and due for auction  -in which: 

Meetup  could  not bid because it is not part of of the  ''adult community''. 

ICANN also botched the policing of jobs, supposedly for specialist human resource managers only.

When the firm running the domain opened it to other employment firms in the hope of perking up sales, ICANN failed to take the resulting wave of complaints seriously.

If the body cannot manage the  22  suffixes that it already oversees, what hope dies it have with  100  times as many?

A serious mess around the expansion will play into the hands of the repressive governments that want control of the the  Internet's naming system:

To be handed to the  UN's International Telecommunication Union.

All the squabbling parties agree that though ICANN may be flawed, the alternative would much worse. 

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