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ABOVE ALL -and everything else-   Girls are valued less than boys. No one should shy away from facing this truth.

In this part of the world,  - Attitudes are totally to blame for this.

The results are catastrophic :  millions of female fetuses are aborted, and million more  girls  than  boys  who die in childhood,  as a consequence either of violence or neglect and malnutrition.

THEY ALL SAID, one trial will not dispel the misery of  Asia's  women.

"GUILTY-Guilty-GUILTY-Guilty''  trumped a Delhi newspaper. The case was one of dozens of rapes reported daily.

The world should never forget those miserable cowards, blighted terrorists pumping bullets at a point blank rage into Malala and classmates?

The retarded are apprehended and now in custody.

But everybody did make a mention : that it could help?

Just last December, the court found  four men  guilty  of the murder of a medical student  in Delhi. Abducted after a trip to the cinema, she was raped and then assaulted with an iron rod.

She died of her injuries in hospital in Singapore almost a fortnight later.

In India, Pakistan, as elsewhere in Asia, attacks on women are often ignored. But the fate of this one woman caused an uproar.

It has pointed up just how much an Asian society neglects and abuses its women. The question now is whether this appalling event will also lead to better treatment of them.

Change is certainly needed. The Indian courts are overwhelmed by cases of rape :  24, 000  are pending,  with less than a quarter likely to end in conviction.

That vastly underestimates the scale of the violence. If a woman reports an attack at home, the police are rarely interested. Murders continue of women who marry across caste or religious lines.

And the medieval   -and  illegal-  practice of bridal dowries goes on.

+Last year more than  8000  women died in dowry disputes+.

The medical student's suffering  has already had some good consequences. Thanks to the energetic police work and fast track court, the trial of her killers was completed- 

In seven months, rather than the usual seven years.

Unsettled by protests and spurred by a judicial commission, a normally slothful Parliament rushed through legislation to make women safer,  including against acid attacks- .

There is a plan to create  1,800   fast track courts for cases of violence against women, children and the old.

If perpetrators of rape and other violence  against women fear arrest and conviction they will be deterred. 

Gradually, too, attitudes are changing. The press has largely dropped the term ''Eve Teasing''  ,  its trivialising euphemism for sexual harassment.

Mumbai's police chief was lambasted for having blamed the recent gang rape of a photojournalist on a  ''promiscuous culture''.

Although rape statistics have got worse. it is probably because victims and police are readier to log crimes. More women are in a position to push for further change.

Political reforms have led to  1.2  million of them filling elected posts, mostly in village councils. 

Much more is need of course, in the whole of the Asian continent.

And then nothing could do more to improve the lot of Asian women than giving them more clout.

Police should hire more women.

More health and welfare spending should go the poorest  girls. And getting more women into salaried jobs would help enormously.

Just 29%  of them are in workforce in India, compared with the two-thirds of the women in China.

But then pushing for change demands political leadership. You would hope that the politicians in a democracy would need no prompting to look after the interests of half their constituents.

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