Teen's lyrics show dealing with death yet choosing life

In Children's Hospital of Philadelphia(CHOP), a young cancer patient is choosing to live while battling death. The 19 year old Tom G decided to do the opposite of bleak stories of young cancer patients in hospitals. He mixed "Ball So Hard" and "Empire State of Mind" into "Bald So Hard" that show everyday life of a cancer patient in a more unique way. Tom's disease disrupted his academic career but couldn't fade his high spirits that made him capable of making it through the ordeal.

Together with one of his doctors, Tom sings : Bald so hard, my head got shiny -- bright glare behind me." "What’s a brush what’s a comb, can you please remind me?" He rhymes along with one of the doctors who also happens to be bald.

The teen does bemoan some of the challenges he faces -- namely, his romantic prospects.

"They tell me I’m gonna get married to my pole. She’s always here with me, like everywhere I go," Tom raps while traipsing down the hallway. "She always hits me with that good chemo."

While Tom – who’s slated to be discharged in a few weeks – would like to meet Jay Z, that’s not his main priority. Right now, he’s supporting September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, raising funds for CHOP and showing the world that even while battling a serious disease, there’s still room to laugh.


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