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OXFORD DICTIONARY  - is one master publication, that never misses spotting an update and capturing the spirit of the times.

And so it has done, once again,  with this new word and world:   '' Gulu Butt''

A Gulu Butt, is a paid  goon and a criminal, masquerading as a respectable member of a society. But  whose total existence is embellished in serving, washing and ironing,  the dirty linen of his masters.

Shamed, hated, despised and privately spat upon, the Gulu Butts of the world, spring forth from dirt and douse in a servile society.

Like this great and historic American character, Walter Mitty. Everything goes. But a red blooded Gulu Butt is a scum, no proud society will ever tolerate.

In the 1990s John Dilulio, a conservative American academic, argued a new breed of ''superpredators'' :

'Kids that have absolutely no respect for human life and no sense of the future,' would terrorise Americans almost indefinitely.

He was not alone.

Experts were convinced that crime would keep rising. Law abiding citizens would be petrified into retreating   -into gated communities,  patrolled by security guards.

Politicians and police chiefs could do little except bluster and try to fiddle the statistics.

Mr Dilulio later recanted and it is clear that pessimists were wrong. Even as he wrote, America's crime wave was breaking. Its cities have become vastly safer, and the  rest of the world has followed.

From Japan to Estonia,  property and people are now safer than at almost any time since the  1970s.

Confounding expectations, the recession has not interrupted the downward trend. Even as American furiously debated the shooting of TrayonMartin, new data show that the homicide rate for young Americans is at  30-year less.

Some crimes have all but die out. Just over a year ago, there were just  69 armed robberies of banks, building societies and post offices in England and Wales, compared with a  500 a year in the  1990s.

In 1990  some  147,000  cars were stolen in New York. Last year fewer than 10,000  were.

In the Netherlands and Switzerland street dealers and hustlers have been driven out of city centres; addicts there are now elderly men, often alcoholics, living in state hostels.

In countries such as Lithuania and Poland the gangsters who trafficked people and drugs in the  1990s  have moved into less violent activities such as fraud.

The tide seems to be receding.

Cherished social theories have been discarded. Conservatives who insisted that the decline of traditional nuclear family and growing ethnic diversity would unleash an unstoppable crime wave have been proved wrong.

Young people are increasingly likely to have been brought up by one parent and to have played a lot of   computer games.

Yet they are far better behaved than previous generations. Left wingers who argued that crime could never be curbed unless inequality was reduced look just as silly.

There is no single cause of the decline; rather, several have coincided.

Western societies are growing older, and most crimes are committed by young men.

Policing has improved greatly in recent decades, especially in big cities such as New York and London, with forces using  computers to analyse the incidence of crime.

In some parts of  Manhattan this helped to reduce the robbery rate of by over 95%. The epidemics of crack cocaine and heroin appear to have burnt out.

The biggest factor may be simply that security measures have improved, Car immobilisers have killed joy riding; bullet proof screens, security guards and marked money have all but done for bank robbery.

Alarms and DNA databases have increased the chance a burglar will be caught. At the same time, the rewards for burglary have fallen because electronic gizmos are so cheap.

Even small shops now invest in  CCTV cameras and security tags.

Some crimes now look very risky   -and that matters because, as every survey of criminals shows:

The main deterrent to crime is the fear of being caught.

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