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''' THIS WAY --- TO ---> YOUR JOB : 


PAKISTAN'S TAX LAWS  stagnate as totally counterproductive:

And we are many, many years behind India, and over decade and a half behind say, Singapore.

VAT and its prevalent rate have direct correlation with economic development. Negative fallout of the  2pc  increase in the sales tax in Japan involved one of the most articulate and elaborate debates.

On the other hand, social and economic impact of  taxation  is rarely analysed in Pakistan.

A wriggling out of the rut would, however, require a rationale restructuring of tax measures and its rates.

The proposal of the single stage sales and reducing its rate to single digits are steps in the right direction that may provide badly needed respite to the consumers-

Stimulate economic activity, and make up for the deficiency of revenue, if any, through accelerated GDP growth.

The indigenous design of the sales , suitable to the overall context and stage of economic development may definitely spur economic growth, curtail corruption and curb tax evasion.

Appropriate sales tax rates having correlation with value-addition may be determined for different stages of economic activity.

And now to the Welfare study in the most developed economy in the world:

Paul Ryan, the Republican congressional budget guru, frets that America's safety net could become  '' a hammock that lulls able-bodied people into lives of dependency and complacency.''

A recent study by the  Cato  Institute,  a libertarian think tank, tried to add up what a jobless  single mother with two children might receive in each state from seven types of benefit :  

TANF, food stamps, Medicaid  (health care for the cash strapped),  housing assistance, utilities assistance, emergency food aid and  and the programme for Women, Infants and Children.

There was huge variation between states. Such a mother might receive a whopping  $49, 175   worth of benefits in Hawaii,  the most generous state,  but only  $16,984 in Mississippi, the least.

Michael Tanner and Charles Hughes, the study's authors, argue that welfare is too generous. In 39 states their hypothetical single mother would make more from benefits than a secretary does from work.

In 11, she would make more than a first year teacher.  For many Americans, says, Mr Tanner, not working is a  ''rationale alternative''  to  working.

Critics cite two objections to Cato's methodology. First, most people on welfare do not receive all the benefits that its hypothetical single mother does. For example,  only  15%  of those receiving  TANF  benefits also receive housing benefit-

Which forms a huge part of the Cato package. (True enough, says Mr Tanner, but since there is usually a waiting list for housing benefit, the long term unemployed are more likely to receive it}.

Second, in comparing the rewards of work and welfare, the Cato study fails to take proper account of the fact that many benefits keep flowing even after the recipient has found work.

In 2011, roughly  86%   of children receiving  Medicaid  came from working families , according to the Centre on Budget and Policies Priorities (CBPP), a left leaning think-tank.

Most able-bodied adults in households with children, that receive food-stamps work.

Measuring the benefits that  flesh-and-blood  Americans actually receive is difficult because the system is unbelievable complex.

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