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IN THE SIMPLEST OF WORDS, every undertaking, every system,  in the world. when executed, produces beneficiaries and thus, inflection points

The undoubted difficulty of  ''planning a government''  and growing democracy, manifests itself in what has come to be called  'the iron triangle'.

At one corner are the direct beneficiaries of the law, at a second the legislative apparatus, the committees, the staff; at a third, the bureaucracy administering a law.

These three powerful tyrannies enforce the outcomes,   but almost every time, they end up, freezing the status quo. And having said that, now,  -let me help, by enumerating with some forceful, and a few historic examples:

Inflation and borrowings are forms of hidden taxation that do not arouse taxpayer resentment in the same way as the direct imposition of taxes. Moreover, they can be imposed without requiring any legislator to vote for them explicitly.

Equally important,  the culprits who produce inflation have many faces. In America, Congress blames grasping unions, or greedy manufacturers. More recently, Congress blames the Federal Reserve-

And the Fed returns the compliment by blaming Congress and others, and so around and around the blame goes.

In the developing world, it is no different, and almost always many, many times, worse. You elevate the blame game to a fine art, and you blame everybody, and that includes  (a charge that I could never fathom)  even  the CIA.

And never in my life, do I ever remember, a legislator going back to his constituents, and to be  asked by one of them :  ''Why did you vote to make very dollar in my pocket worth ninety cents?'' 

Yet that is precisely what a  10%   inflation does in the course of a year. It is the precise equivalent of a tax of  ten percent on every person's cash. 

But before I proceed further, please, allow me a small interlude for the students, professors and teachers of Pakistan.

I AM DEEPLY TOUCHED,   -to say the least,  -by the most gracious and kind comments that the Pakistani students, Professors and Teachers, International students, and even total strangers, keep showering on me.

What you all are witnessing is a new chapter in this country's history. That, -all my judgements and predictions have proved absolutely right,  -is but a hand-maiden fluke. Nothing more, nothing less. 

And there is no joy in it for me. Despite the fact that I have lived a  deeply conflicted relationship with the state for over 46 years. 

Pakistan has not produced a son, or a natural leader of the calibre of Imran Khan. Few anywhere, are equal to the sole of his Mianwali chappels. .

And in every statistic governing his hard existence in life, and in the container:  

The Captain, as everybody lovingly calls him :  Just so very well understands that every issue he talks about, lies submerged at difficult moral intersections,  juxtaposing the need to protect life and the fragile state of the country.

So, -in my judgement- : In his heart,  -within the heart, he understands better than anybody else:

That what is also truly and unequivocally important to him is:

His legacy to the people of Pakistan, The power of his examples, and his ideals.

Thus, in my judgement,  Imran Khan,  will not excuse his absolute inferences, and he cannot and will not stand still for the issues on which the future edifice of Pakistan must stand,  Gibraltar  like- 

Irrespective of what destiny has in store for him and his party, his natural strengths and attributes must carry the day. His party must get revised for new realities.        

The people  of any country are entitled to assume that their leaders are telling the truth. The pattern of misrepresentation and half truths that emerge from informed scrutiny reveal :

Policy cynically and immaturely based on the premise that Truth itself is negotiable.

Thousands and thousands of you have asked, and keep asking, about the predicaments of  modern day democracies, -some of these democracies, I dare say, are just so nascent:

Some others, exist, moribund, some in delusions,  -and sadly,  -very, very few in total letter and spirits.

Most people in the developing  world , have grown indifferent to their primary duty and responsibility to the society, state  and humankind. 

If, as many believe,  -that there has been a basic change in public opinion in very recent times, why does that change seem to be having so little effect on the course of events? For example,

In America, the change in the public opinion in 1933 was followed by the rapid growth of the New Deal. Within the first few years, after President Roosevelt took office, major new institutions, had been established and new measures adopted..

By 1940, total federal spending was more than three times as large a fraction of national outcomes as it had been in 1930, and nondefense spending was more than six times as large. 

Why, then, did the effect of change in opinion reflected in the 1980 election in US, appeared to be so modest.

The inference is : One reason is always optical. Hindsight foreshortens time. 

Many of the people who were in the front lines fighting to produce changes in the US in 1930s, must have regarded events as moving extraordinarily slowly.

No doubt they were impatient to achieve their objectives more rapidly, just as many of us are now impatient to achieve ours. 

And the Samurai and the International Students must figure and understand that you are a part of and will live with, whatever results from this and all the forthcoming efforts.

The  ''Draft of Laws and Bye-laws''   of !WOW! are just about ready for the anvil.
I hope you accomplish the next levels with knowledge, rigor and imagination.

The Honour and  Burden of finding the way forward will fall to you, before long. 

The Honour and Serving of this knowledge will continue at regular intervals in the future. Thank you for reading and please, do share forward.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the developing world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' The Premier Life  '''

Good Night and God Bless!

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