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Crime is plunging in the rich world but not in the developing world. To keep it down, governments should focus on prevention, and not punishment.

But before I proceed onwards with this writing, let me grasp my breath, and thank thousands by thousands of you the world over, and mostly from the great city of Karachi/ Sindh/ Pakistan:

The fact that  !WOW!  -inspired the great people of Pakistan, the great students of the world, is but history. I think we may have succeeded in the art of creating value for a better world.

For the art of consistent Honours, Support and Wishes. Yes, these are testing times but we hope to measure up  in the best service of mankind

Many conservatives will think this list omits the main reason crime has declined :

The far harsher prison sentences introduced on both sides of the Atlantic over the past two decades.

One in every hundred American adults is now in prison. This has obviously had some effect   -a young man in prison cannot steal your car   -but if tough prison sentences were the cause:

Crime would not be falling in the Netherlands and  Germany, which have reduced their prison populations.

New York's prison population has fallen by a quarter since  1999, yet its crime crime has dropped faster than that of many other cities.

Harsh punishments, and in particular long mandatory sentences for certain crimes, increasingly look counterproductive American prisons are full of old men, many of whom are well past their criminal years-

And non violent drug-users, who would be better off in treatment.

In California, the pioneer of mandatory sentencing, more than a fifth of prisoners are over 50.

To keep each one inside costs taxpayers  $ 47,000  a year

{ About the same as a place at Stanford University ).

And because prison stresses punishment rather than rehabilitation, most of what remains of the crime problem is really a recidivism issue.

In England and Wales, for example, the number of first-time offenders has fallen by  44% since  2007. The number with more than  15  convictions has risen.

Politicians seem to have grasped this. In America the number of new mandatory sentences  enacted by Congress has fallen.

Even in the Republicans South,  governors such as Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal have adopted policies favouring treatment over imprisonment for drug users.

Briton has stopped adding to its prison population. But more could be done to support people when they come out of prison  (at the moment, in Britain, they get £46)   and to help addicts.

In the Netherlands and  Switzerland  hard-drug addiction is being reduced by treatment rather than by punishment. American addicts,  by contrast, often get little more than counselling.

Policing can be sharpened,  too  -and, in an era of austerity, will have to be. Now that officers are not rushed off their feet  responding to car thefts and burglaries, they can focus on prevention.

Predictive policing which employs data to try to anticipate crime, is particularly promising.

More countries could use  civilian  ''community support officers ''   of the sort employed in Britain and the Netherlands, who patrol the streets, freeing up better paid police officers to solve crimes.

Better  trained police officers could focus on new crimes. Traditional measures tend not to include financial crimes such as  credit-card  fraud or tax evasion.

Since they are seldom properly recorded, they have not contributed to the great fall in crime.

Unlike  rapes  and murders , they do not excite public fear. But as policing adapts to the technological age, it is as well to remember the criminals are doing so, too.

So, to sum up this post, suffice to say, that in this  ''Uncertain Glory''   !WOW! will continue its strivings for its very own  global elections. The aftermath of that  would set the pace, the theme and tenor for the future years and undertakings. All for a better world.

God speed and wishes.

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