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RESPECT for women's sport is not just politically correct. Administrators and media bosses are also spotting a commercial opportunity with male  fans.

More men than women watch female football matches;  55%  of American men in a survey last year said they preferred watching women's tennis to men's.

America's main sports network, ESPN, has agreed to extend coverage of professional women's basketball until  2022.

That is good for sponsors: Coca Cola, American Express, and addicts are just some of the partners of the Women's National Basketball Association  (WNBA). Some female teams are reaping benefits too  -though the men's game still subsidises the league.

Patriotism can play a part. A liquor company in Qingdao in eastern China is trying to lure Hsieh Su-Wei, the first  Taiwanese to win a Grand Slam title after her women's doubles in victory at Wimbledon.

It has offered her $1.6m a year in sponsorship, almost 36 times what she currently receives, if she taken Chinese citizenship.

Outside Tennis and a handful of other sports, the inequalities in pay are still striking.

A player with six or more years of service in the  WNBA  in America could earn maximum salary of  $107, 500    last season, whereas Kobe Bryant alone recived more than  $30, from the LA Lakers.

Last year the male Indian cricketers were paid the equivalent of $10,500  per test match; their female counterparts earned only  $ 1,500  for entire international series.

Differing public appeal may explain some of the gap, but not all of it.

Brian Cookson, president of the British Cycling, who at the time was campaigning to head the sport's governing body:

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) wants professional women participants to receive a minimum wage from their teams, as men already do.

An easy change to make would be in sports where women can compete alongside men, albeit for different prizes.

A petition for a women to be allowed to ride in the  Tour de France  has attracted 93,000  signatures.

Oxford and Cambridge Universities will from  2015  hold the women's boat race on the same day and same course as the men's event.

Ellie Piggot, a former Oxford rower and Olympic hopeful, said in 2013, that oars women are only now getting the kit and training perks that their male counterparts have been enjoying for years.

Female forays into new areas of sporting achievement are not a one-way street.

Men are also taking up activities once dominated by women.

Kentrell Collins leads Prancing Elites, an all male cheer leading squad from Mobile, Alabama.

He also makes their skimpy costumes. ''The girls do it, so why can't we?'' he says.

But all in all, what stands truly obvious, is the fact that  "sportswomen" are beginning to score more commercial goals but they still have-

A lot of ground to make up.

The World Students Society  -wishes them every success!

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