Headline Aug 27, 2014/ ''' THOSE BAD OLD DAYS '''


I AM bowled over by the outbursts:

IT IS becoming exceedingly difficult for me to move around. I get recognised by students, professors and teachers, and even the general public  - accosted, and then everyone demands answers. 

I observe that  they all,  - exhibit a great ability,- in putting their finger on what was wrong, and what is wrong. 

They bemoan the rise in anger, in the melt down of family values, in the general unwillingness to work hard; -in the rise in crime, lawlessness, inflation:

Cost of education, cost of living, lack of opportunities, a general sense of aimless drifting ;  the rise in commuters density, the rise in noise levels, and traffic congestion, - and even the rise in prison population. 

And every time they tell me ''that it is not about money, it's about the money.''

H.L. Mencken was damn right.

And many demand solutions.

Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,  in early  1973-74,  while setting priorities for the nation went  with his intuition : 

'' There is an inevitable adjustment in the transition from  colonialism to neo-colonialism, which is why our independence remains a myth,'' he wrote.

''Captain''- the leaders and the nation will soon, - in the very near future, learn a bitter lesson: 

''How difficult it is to unfreeze the lethal alignments of all these many decades''.

When a country loses its direction,  franchises spring up. No matter, who or what the world then tells you, in form of an explanation, it is imprecise and misleading. 

The subsequent existence, is always,  (and very normal to the developing world) :  ''this franchise against that franchise.''  Professor Javed Kamran Bashir I now seem to understand, was damn right.
During the  1980s  New York was plagued by violent muggings, which occurred regularly during the daylight hours, even in Times Square.

Murders would often happen at subway stations in the afternoon. Motorists were accosted at intersections  by  ''window washers", at best a motley crowed of extortionists., and at worst potential carjackers.

The city saw nearly  10 murders  a day. Prostitution and Porn was rampant around Times Square.

Enter Rudi Giuliani as mayor in  1994, a former prosecutor who decided to get tough. 
He went after petty crime, such as spraying graffiti on subways. And he had the police take the guns off  street thugs as a means of going after kingpins.

The murder rate in New York is a fraction of what it was  30 years  ago; the subway system is mostly safe.

Lax law enforcement, at any level,  is a total unmitigated disaster.

But in the encounters that I have narrated above, the great thing is that I, never lose my sense of humour -irrespective of the frenzy around me. After all, why should I,  when total ignorance of the subject has never seemed to inhibit me from propounding my own versions and theories.

At times, I relish these encounters. Combative  by nature and instinct, it brings out the best in me. Later, I try convincing myself that all these happenings are "just a local difficulty". 

Frankly, I can't quite figure if I am Cyborg or an Android. Asking Rabo and Dee, doesn't help very much.

Privately, I have figured to understand,- that my eccentricities are moments of great laughter and story telling.  

For a long time, I was mistaken in thinking that California once selected and elected a  "Cyborg as a governor".

To those of you who don't know :  A Cyborg is a an organism augmented with mechanical elements. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator was an android: A machine designed to replicate a human.

Although the two may seem  interchangeable,  Mr Schwarzenegger would have been hard pressed to portray- the level of humanity-  needed to pass for a cyborg. And that leaves me guessing about my own self.

Regimes the world over violate international law. And on regular basis. And many do even worse than that : they violate human decency.

President Barrack Obama, had repeatedly decried  ''chemical weapons"  as a red line that must not be crossed. But when the weapons got used, he ended up not doing very much.

Thus setting a potentially devastating precedent that the most powerful country in the world tacitly accepts the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Leaders the world over, Leaders of the free world, - disappointingly, and helplessly and tragically, have often allowed their over cautious nature to delay and weaken action.

Terrible tragedies have then occurred. And will continue to surface.

An adept leader, must balance  consensus building with calculated decision making.

Unfortunately, President Obama, has too often relied on the former at the expense of the latter.      

As a President who appears to genuinely care about making the world a better place, he would be wise to strike more even balance. If not, then America will soon have to inherit responsibilities for many a country.

And how many can it run?

In my life time, I have regularly observed,  that as the ''voices of the voiceless'' grows shrill, against injustices, sufferings and hopelessness,..............  

''Who cares if more chaos is created say, for the people of Pakistan, or the region?!''

The Western world,  oblivious to the lessons learnt from the past, abandons it classical liberal roots and instead adopts the high moral tones of the neoconservatives.  and goes:

For a  therapeutic fix  that salve its conscience.

It's  'sterling advice'  as I have found and reasoned,  is always from  ''the people who won't have to pay for the consequences, to those who will have to pay for its consequences."  

Now where the hell O''Sires, is that cool reasoning of  Adam Smith?!

Be assured at  !WOW! - and for that matter, in the entire world, - that should I ever find or run into History:

I am going to break its damn, ugly,- Dracula teeth.

As it is 20/20 clear to me that the modern day Robin Hood is one :

"Who steals from the rich and steals from the poor."

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