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!WOW!  -gets me thronged. By the hundreds and thousands of you.  

-You, the ones who don't have the means to read  "Sam Daily Times",..... and -You, who get to read  the honour daily,  -question me on the Freedom March:

Whatever be your political leanings, go back and read : Years ago, I dedicated the headline post, to whom I consider, as the Pakistan's greatest son. By any, any measure. I also went on  to predict, that:

'' That Imran Khan will attempt to change the destiny of this country."  That I am proven right, is not that premature, as some of you may care to imagine. But answering the question, -I got greatly aided by some fearless students:

I zoomed four times in and out of these marches, observing first hand and laying down my own first brick for !WOW!.

So, I speak straight from the gut for all the International students, and for all the students studying Political Science.

Remember, Democracy thrives on more democracy. Imran Khan has, for sure accomplished one thing that everybody missed out on: He has deepened democracy for Pakistan with sterling leadership.

But when truths collide, compromise is the first casualty. Steeped as they are in strategy and tactics, All parties have fought themselves into a  cul de sac.

Alarmingly, and most sadly,  the  ''Prospects for a peaceful solution......................... solution,...............look as solid as a snowball in a microwave.

When life and living, or just existing from one morsel to another, or when the foundations of rejuvenating exercises, like elections, have cancerous cells multiplying,  the  ''voice of the voiceless''  emerges :  and history narrates that 

When perceptions and justice contradicts what most people regard as moral and proper, as their basic fundamental  right and contract with the state,  they will rise to break the law.

Doesn't matter a damn tweet,  whether the law is enacted in the name of a noble ideal..................................or in the naked interest-

Of one group at the expense of an another. Only fear of punishment, not a sense of justice and morality, will lead people to obey the law.

When people start to break  one set of laws,  the lack of respect for the law inevitably spreads to all laws,  even those that everyone regards as moral and proper  -laws against violence, theft and vandalism.

So this is how the perceptions, emotions, anger, sufferings, injustice, misery, plays out.

All of you will do well to remember, That the world,  and the humankind goes about their lives with perceptions and not reality. That is how human tragedies whirl, swoosh and embed

These have    multiplied the number of actions that are crimes. It is literally impossible for anyone to obey all the laws,   -since no one can possibly know what they are.

Similarly, it is literally impossible for the legal authorities to enforce all the laws equally and without discrimination.

To do so, the whole population would have to be employed to police itself. As a result, enforcement of the laws invariably becomes partly a matter of which laws the authorities choose to enforce and against whom:

A situation hardly designed to encourage respect for the majesty of the Law.

Criminologists and others have often made many suggestions for altering procedures for apprehending criminals, and indicting them, convicting them, sentencing them, incarcerating them, and so on.

Many have urged controlling guns and other weapons to reduce their availability. We have no competence to discuss those proposed remedies.

Instead, we can comment only on those aspects aspects of the problem that are tied to our general theme at !WOW!  of the importance of reducing government in order to promote the general welfare.

If !WOW! is right that the tide is turning, that public opinion is shifting away from a belief in a big government and away from the doctrine of social responsibility, then that change will in the course of time tend to alter the circumstances to which we attribute much of the rise in crime.

In particular, it will tend to restore a belief in the individual responsibility by strengthening the family and reestablishing its traditional role in instilling values in the young 

Moreover, if there is a change in the tide, it will produce some institutional changes that will also contribute to a reduction in crime.

The world at large must consider and  offer the disadvantaged who now populate the urban slums greater educational opportunities for their children, giving them a wider and more desirable range of alternatives than street crimes.

However, bear in mind, that any such institutional effects will take a long time to yield their fruits   -decades and not years.

One set of changes that could yield relatively rapid results is a reduction in the acts that are regarded by the law as crimes. The most promising measure, according to one great, Nobel Laureate, is with respect to drugs.

Most crimes are not committed by people hungry for bread. By far more are committed by people hungry for dope.

But in the developing world, a crime is committed, or can be committed for any reason. You name it! But drugs related crimes are rising like a tide.  

What lessons did America learn from Prohibition? When prohibition was enacted in 1920,  Billy Sunday, the noted evangelist and leading crusader against  Demon Rum,   greeted it as follows:

''The reign of tears is over. The slums will soon be only a memory. We will turn our prisons into factories and our jails into storehouses and corncribs. Men will walk upright now,  women will smile,  and the children will laugh...................and

Hell will be forever for rent."

America now knows how tragically wrong he was. New prisons  and jails had to be built to house the criminals spawned by converting the drinking of spirits into a crime against the state.

Prohibition undermined the respect for the law,  corrupted the minions of the law, and created a decadent moral climate    -and in the end did not stop the consumption of alcohol.

The Honour and Serving of the Post will continue at regular intervals in the future. Thank you for reading!

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of Pakistan. See Ya  all on  !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

"" Freedom-Liberty- Or Death "'

Good Night and God Bless!

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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