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The Simple Plain  Truth Is :

That  Data  releases and content stir emotions as well as moving markets. Concerns are growing the world over, about trading firms getting early peeks of certain releases.

The case causing the biggest fuss is a widely watched  ''consumer-sentiment-index''  distributed by Thomas Reuters under a contract with the University of Michigan.

Meanwhile, traders will continue to pay for early looks, even though, as one as one regulatory source puts it:

"Some feel it's extortion. They could happily do without it and instead easily rely on the speed of their machines for an edge."

But that doesn't help when others are getting the number whole seconds or minutes earlier.

!WOW! has set out to research this and will soon revert with the complete information and its dire implications.

Meanwhile, I set out on a random sweep of well, many countries: 

The bursaries offered by  private schools  to poorer pupils are not face-saving exercises designed to 'salve consciences' 

Many independent schools have established programmes that are making a substantive difference in some of the most deprived parts of Britain. At Rugby:

The Arnold Foundation  offers full financial support to  10%  of pupils, all of whom come from disadvantaged areas and would not be able to pay for their education. The National Foundation for  Educational Research  acclaimed these efforts:

Thus, both  joined their forces,  and with others too, to form a national bursary that will place hundreds of children from poorer backgrounds at independent and state boarding schools by the end of the next decade.

Many, many moths ago, I made a request to the government in Pakistan's KPK province, through the Headline.

'' I said, please, put everything up in an IDE, so that everyone and anyone can get the context right and watch the province unfold progress in its entirety?
I also went to warn, that no one in the world will buy your ads and your propaganda."

Best practices are so hard to come by, as I reiterate !WOW!'s demand, yet again, for a national IDE.

Nothing, O'' Sires, : '' Not, so blindingly obvious! " 
In Pakistan, the leaders would do well to study and understand this UK model and learn to implement from it. This applies to all its provinces. At the KPK province, during research, I felt they were gaining ground.

Anyone in the entire world, who truly, cares, about breaking down social barriers should welcome these efforts and model, and not carp from the sidelines.  

Norway's oil production has been declining for years -for a decade. House prices have doubled and are still rising.

Wages have become so high that export industries other than oil have a hard time.

Labour conflicts and strikes are a seasonal occurrence. The economy is more fragile than it appears. But I still feel, it is just too damn great to be a Norwegian.

A Swede, for sure,  pays  ''taxes for willingly than a Californian because he gets decent schools and free health care. But then, but then, His taxes are paying for his health care, so it is not  ''free''. 

It is always problematic to treat a group of countries as homogenous, as the differences outweigh the similarities.

For although Sweden has indeed made some of the reforms, Denmark, which keeps a beady comparative eye on its neighbour, has not. The growing disparity between the two is well, alarming.

Recent economic figures show that compared with Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Britain, Denmark is the worst at creating jobs, has the biggest share of   16-64-rears-old   on transfer incomes-

Spends the most as a percentage of  GDP  on social activities,  is the easiest country in which the unemployed can obtain benefits, has the highest minimum wage and is the country:

Where moving from  transfer income  to employment gives the lowest financial benefit. \it is better to be on the dole in Denmark than to take a low paid job that involves some travel to and from work.

Although  one-third  of the workforce has a technical or vocational qualification, only a quarter of young people are studying for one. Mass immigration is ruled out.

The implication as the workforce retires is to outsource  jobs to places such as Poland and the Czech Republic, a scenario that is viewed as catstrophic by the employers 

But, the obvious deduction is, that the  ''cause of the world's progress is not as mysterious'' as it is propagated.

Transparency, Hard Work, and best practices is a very, very reasonable way to deliver progress and build the world.

There are no, fading supermodels. Just dig and look, deep enough.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders of the free world. See Ya all Your Excellencys'   on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' The Unifying Honour "'

Good Night and God Bless!

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