Burger King's "Satisfries", Discontinued.

Customers were confused whether the fats were really trimmed.

Burger King announced its French fries “Satisfries” in a very hopeful manner in September. After a few months, the Miami-based Burger King has decided to phase out its low calorie French fries. When given a choice between continuing and discontinuing, 2,500 of 7,400 franchises opted to to carry on with French fries as a permanent item.

Some websites satirically referred to the product as “Saddest Fries”. Besides costing more than the regular fries, the fries contained 270 calories in its small pack. Burger King didn't rid customers of their confusion about what made the fries low in calories. The company justified that during frying process, a new batter was used which stopped potatoes from absorbing more oil.

These actions of Burger King are being taken as another ploy since it went public in 2012.

Burger Kings plans to bring back “Big King” burger which resembles Big Mac and “French Fry Burger” which is a burger topped with four French fries. The company says that the demand of Chicken Fries was taken seriously on the internet and soon this product will come to the franchises for a limited time.

We’ll have to see whether Big King and French Fry Burger are well received by the consumers in a time when traditional fast food chains and well established restaurants in USA re struggling to increase their sales.


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